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The 25th College Graduate Student Union Election Conference、The 5th Party Construction Work Center will be successfully held
Release time: June 26, 2024 10:01    Author: Figure/Zhang Wangwang Gu Zongqiwen/Ma Ning Wei Meijia    点击:[]

  In order to further strengthen the construction of the cadre team of the graduate school of the School of Electrical Engineering,Ensure that the continuity and stability of the graduate school of our college,Between better use of graduate students to serve the majority of students to serve the majority of students,Our hospital held the 25th Graduate Student Conference Election Conference and the 5th Party Construction Work Center.。

  On the afternoon of June 16,The 25th Graduate Student Conference was held in the lecture hall on the fourth floor of the Electric Power Building,Research Conference Presidium、The Ministerial Regiment and the officers participating in the campaign attended the conference。

  This election is based on the Measures for the Convention of the School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University ",Use difference election voting method,The chairman's selection committee is composed of the current members of the presidency,Executive Chairman as Chairman,Participate in the assessment of the new presidium and determine the candidate of the new presidium members。The Selection Committee of the Minister is a member of the current Presidium、Estimation of the Minister,Executive Chairman as Chairman,Participate in the assessment of the new minister and determine the candidates for the new ministers of the new session。

  Executive Chairman of the 24th Graduate Association Song Shhang made a report from the participants in 2023-2024,Looking back on the study of the seminars in the top ten research sessions、Project declaration、Sports Competition、The glory achievements made in the school linkage,At the same time, the 25th research conference that is about to be generated also put forward work suggestions and gives high hopes。

  Candidates come to the stage to make a 4 -minute speech in the order in the order,Each candidate is personal situation、Work experience、job understanding and work outlook. Introduction。The Selection Committee listened carefully to the speech of each candidate,Speak on the content of the speech。During this period,The wonderful speech and excellent performance of the candidate make the conference full of enthusiastic atmosphere。

  In warm applause,The Election Conference of the Graduate Association ended successfully。Graduate students will continue to end in the new year,Failure to support it,Create glory for the college students!

  The 5th Party Construction Work Center will be successfully launched on June 20,All members of the Party Construction Work Center and the party branch of the party branch attended the work meeting。

  The work meeting is chaired by Yang Donghua, chairman of the 4th Party Construction Work Center,Wei Meijia, Party Construction Work Center、Wan Yongqi conducts annual work summary,Mainly the foundation of solid thoughts、​​Strengthening party building leaders、Leading Volunteer Service and other aspects comprehensively explained the work and achievements achieved in comprehensively。

  Voting for the party's branches。Yang Donghua thanked all the party building work centers in the past year,and put forward expectations and requirements for the work of the Party Construction Work Center,indicates that the Party Construction Work Center will continue to adhere to the spirit of serving the teachers and students of the college,Endless forgiveness,Steady to promote the party building work of the college to develop higher and farther and further。

  New Graduate Association Presidium、List of the Presidium of the Ministers and the Party Construction Work Center has been announced on the official website of the college。The successful holding of the Conference of the Research Conference and the Party Construction Work Center will be successfully held,Realized the transmission of youth relay sticks for graduate students,Inject new vitality into the work of the new year。I believe that members of the new research conference and members of the party building center can keep the service classmates keep in mind,Continue to keep the spirit of pioneering aggressive,Promote the work of students from our college to the next level!

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