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College leadership and work division of labor

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Yin Lumin, Secretary of the Party Committee, Hosted the Comprehensive Work of the Party Committee


Office: Electric Power Building 616 office Tel: 88399307


Ding Lei,Dean、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee,Presiding the overall administrative work,In charge of personnel、Finance

Office: Electric Power Building 612 Office Tel: 88392102

Song Sili,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee,Responsible for publicity1、United Front、Disciplinary inspection、Safety、Graduate Thoughts、Trade Union、Retired

Office: Electric Power Building 610 Office Tel: 88399002

Wang Haihua,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee,Responsible for organization、Teachers' work、Undergraduate ideological politics、Communist Youth League、Office、Alumni

Office: Electric Power Building 610 Office Tel: 88399002

Li Qingquan, Deputy Dean, responsible for assets, laboratories, informatization

Office: Building 5 of Building 5: 81696115

Ye Hua,Deputy Dean, responsible for discipline, scientific research, school -enterprise cooperation

Office: Electric Power Building 416 Office Tel: 81696118

Zhao Haoran,Deputy Dean, responsible for undergraduate training and internationalization

Office: Electricity Building 606  office phone: 81696100

Sun Yuanyuan,DeputyDean, responsible for graduate training and teaching research

Office: Electric Power Building 410 Office Tel: 88399066

Wang Xiaolong,Assistant Dean, in charge of personnel talents, informatization, alumni

Office: Electric Power Building 605 Office Tel: 88392307

Cong Wei,Assistant Dean,Coordinated Laboratory、Assets、Safety、Office、Finance

Office: Building 5 Building 320 Office Tel: 81696134




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