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The School of Electrical Engineering successfully held the 29th issue of "Jingwei Rhyme" Graduate Academic Ideological Forum
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June 11,The 29th "Jingwei Rhyme" Graduate Academic Ideological Forum of the School of Electrical Engineering was successfully held。The forum invites the college Professor Yang Ming to conduct in -depth discussion on the theme of "Crossing and Student Training" of the Power Meteorological Division,Invited Level 2022 Doctor Li Menglin to share experience experience with the theme of "Based on the Wind Power Power Power Power Power Adaptive Combination Forecast and Paper Writing"。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Electrical Engineering Song Sili、Song Jiping, Director of the Graduate Politics Office, attended the event。The forum is chaired by Diao Chengyan, the Academic Innovation Center of the Graduate Association。

Yang Ming's sharing includes "numerical weather forecast technology"、"Cross Application of Electricity Meteorological"、"Power Meteorological Student Training" and "Future Work Plan Outlook":。He first observed from meteorological、Quality Control、Four key links of data assimilation and numerical mode,introduced numerical weather forecast technology and meteorological observation system; starting from the background of the current new power system,Explanation of the source lottery forecast of the power weather in the power system、Resource evaluation、Application scenarios in disaster warnings,Help students understand the practical application of power weather。In the "Power Meteorological Student Training" section,Yang Ming combined with his own research field,Extended to the direction of general student training,Share his experience and experience in student training and exchanges。Last,He has developed a development outlook on the future research work。Question links,Yang Ming patiently answered questions about the specific application of AI models and personal future selection,Provided valuable suggestions and guidance。

Li Menglin's sharing includes "Wind Power Power Combination Forecast"、"Prediction of Wind Power Power Power Power Power Based on Deeply Reinforcement" and "Some Experience about Paper Writing"。He cut in from the current research background,Detailed explanation of current wind power prediction and combination prediction,Based on this,I introduced a multi -model self -adaptive dynamic combination prediction method based on strengthening learning,Share his research progress in this field。Subsequent,Li Menglin shared his experience and experience in the writing of thesis,Provides many practical writing ideas and skills。During the questioning link of the exchange,Li Menglin shared his growth process from undergraduate to Ph.D.,and make a detailed answer to the professional research on the classmates。

Song Sili made a summary speech。He said that he was very concerned about the holding of related academic foroms such as "Jingwei Yun",To Teacher Yang Ming、Thanks for the arrival of Dr. Li Menglin,At the same time, thank you for your hard work。He told his classmates about the scientific research work of Teacher Yang Ming and the process of the laboratory,Call on everyone to actively support Teacher Yang Ming in scientific research learning and work。At the same time,I hope that students can use Teacher Yang Ming and Dr. Li Menglin as examples,Clarify your future direction,Dream of heart,Do not follow the current,devoted to scientific research work,Write a strong country "Big Sing" with youth "Little Person",Contribute to the development of the country's power industry。

Last,Issue 29 "Jingwei Rhyme" Graduate Academic Ideological Forum successfully ended in applause,Teachers and students group photos。

After the afterum,The Academic Science and Technology Center of the College Graduate Association is fortunate to invite Professor Yang Ming and Dr. Li Menglin as the guest of interviews with the "Jingwei Rhyme" academic ideological forum。In an interview for nearly half an hour,They patiently answered every question。Teacher Yang Ming has won many achievements and awards in the academic world,Li Menglin also achieved a series of results during the reading,They will share with us valuable experience and experience on the road of scientific research,What kind of story does this contain?

Below,Let's take a look at what they talked about!

Professor Yang Ming

Q: Teacher Yang,What do you think is the core essential of being a qualified scientific researcher? For students who are about to enter the second research,How to further improve yourself in scientific research?

A: I think for a graduate student,Its intelligence level and comprehensive quality must be no problem,But the development of different students at the graduate stage is different,The reason is two aspects: the grasp of the research direction and the degree of effort of the individual。

M88 Online Live Casinoand continue to work hard to form long -term accumulation.

Second,Continuous efforts are also one of the key literacy of scientific research。Graduate students need to have the spirit of "sitting on the bench",Even if there is no obvious progress in the research process,We must also be able to work hard。The accumulation and continuous efforts of time will bring results,Gong to nature,Scientific research work requires patience and perseverance。

Q: Some students are still in a confused stage for their future development,How do you think we should choose between employment and continued reading?

A: For our students in our electrical engineering major,Most students will choose to choose employment。Compared to most jobs,Working environment of electrical professional work,The challenges and salary are very good,So,Many students tend to step into work directly after graduation,This is also a very good choice。Choose to read Boshen Creation,Students who continue to do scientific research are relatively small。But whether it is choosing employment or continuing to be studied,Students need to clarify which direction they are more suitable。

Q: Teacher Yang,As an excellent teacher,Winning fruitful results and awards,Do you have any feelings and experiences to share with you in this journey?

A: I can summarize it as three aspects.

First of all, persistent.I am from the PhD,The research direction of the running scheduling of the power system was determined。I have always insisted on,Of course, with the change of the power system,We will also follow the development of the grid,Do some innovation work。

The second is the problem -oriented.In the early days of scientific research,Especially during the doctoral period or when I first graduated,May feel confused,At that time, most of theoretically research research。But with the deepening of scientific research,Discover problem orientation,That is the key difficulties of aiming at the key difficulties for research,It will make our research work more fulfilling。

Third,We need to pay attention to teamwork,Give play to the overall role of the team。Our small team is currently about 30 or 40 people,Each person performed his duties,At the same time, the team must have a overall plan,Make research can be carried out around core issues,to achieve better results。

Li Menglin 2022 PhD students

Q:,Brother,Many students have been distressed by writing papers recently,When we are writing the paper,How to propose new methods of valuable methods according to the existing results,What is it eventually expanded into a high -quality paper?

A: This is a very typical problem,We before writing the paper,First of all, you need to clear the research objects and research goals,When determining the research object,The range should not be too large,It is best to focus on your own research field,Further clarify the research goals。Next,We need to summarize from the existing results,On the one hand, read the literature extensively,Deepen the innovation point; on the other hand,You can go deep into the application site of the project for research。Before writing the paper,You need to perform experimental verification,On this basis, the paper writing。During the writing and post -modification process of thesis,We need to timely with the mentor,Brothers and sisters conduct exchange feedback,continuously iterative modification to form high -quality papers.

Q: Brother,When scientific research is not smooth,or when the pressure at work is large,How can we adjust our mentality?

A: The unsuccessful in the scientific research process is normal,This question should be encountered。Thesis submission involves many factors,While improving the quality of thesis,Maintain a good mentality,It is very important to treat it with ordinary heart。For the pressure at work,Appropriate pressure can promote self -improvement,If the pressure is too large,Still relax properly。

We want to cultivate some hobbies in life,Can better balance work pressure。At the same time,Active communication with mentors or friends,Psychological adjustment,It is also a very effective method。This not only helps physical and mental health,It can also promote the smooth progress of the research research。

This interview not only let us see the tenacity and wisdom of Professor Yang Ming and Dr. Li Menglin on the scientific research road,Also provides students with valuable experience and guidance,Let us have a clearer direction for future academic and career development。May every student can draw strength from it,firm belief,Sailing in the ocean of scientific research。

School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University

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