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The 16th "Electric Cup" Student Academic Science and Technology Work Contest Excellent Works Review
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  To further strengthen the science and technology education work of our college,The whole process of promoting the spirit of students' scientific creation,The School of Electrical Engineering successfully held the 16th "Electricity Cup" student academic science and technology work contest in late May。With the strong support of Shanda Power and college leaders and teachers,This contest is actively innovated on the basis of summarizing previous experience,Get widespread recognition and active participation by teachers and students,A total of 24 teams to participate,After the preliminary selection and final defense,Finally 3 groups of works won the first prize,6 groups of works won the second prize,7 groups of works won the third prize。

  Next,Follow our footsteps,Let's review it together、Second prize excellent works!

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COMTRADE Lumin Wave file format signal analysis software

  This software can read the COMTRADE recording wave file generated by the recording wave device of the power system,and realize the data alignment of simulation waveforms,Judgment algorithm through the improved straight axis current motion,Software can accurately judge the fault channel,It can be reliable to move even if the high -resistance fault traversal current。The software provides the graphical display function of recording wave data,Users can observe the fault waveform intuitively,and accurately judge the failure、Removal、Specific moments that coincide and remove again。The project is based on the basic requirements of the topic,Added two innovation points: the fault self -synchronization algorithm based on the wavelet transformation and the improvement of the straight axis current difference,significantly improved the performance and practicality of the software。

First prize of free propositions of undergraduate students

Rocket posture control system based on Kalman -based filter

  The project uses the ESP32 platform as a microcontroller unit (MCU),Simulation of the rocket's air power control process by controlling the steering gear,To realize the adjustment of the rocket flight posture。other,The project also considers air dynamics、Planted vector control and jet control and other aspects that affect the rocket industry,To ensure the stable flight of the rocket。Through continuous technological innovation and system optimization,This design further improves the accuracy of rocket posture control,Getting a better control effect。

First prize of free propositions in the three graduate group

The design and optimization of the permanent magnetic brushless motor with the starting all -in -one machine

  This design successfully applied the axial -directional flux permanent brushless motor (AFPM) of a single rotor and single tinseng to,Realized the compact and efficient design of the motor。The three -stage step -shaped permanent magnets adopted greatly reduced the vortex losses,Multi -target optimization design improves the power density of the motor。Mechanical analysis and flow heat field results prove that the efficient performance of the air -cooled structure proposed。The success of the prototype test further verified the feasibility and reliability of the design scheme。

Fourth Graduate Group specifies the second prize of propositions

MPU6050 -based swinging posture detection device

  Research on this work MPU6050 Space Sports Sensor Chip Working Principles,Finally realized the speed of the ball (1.0 meters long) by mpu6050 spatial spatial sensor、Acceleration、displacement and swing frequency information,and display the calculation results on the OLED screen。This work can accurately measure the real -time acceleration of the object、speed、Quantity such as displacement and frequency,It has important practical significance,Can be trained for sports、Equipment debugging and scientific research provides important data,Help users optimize performance and improve accuracy。

Five undergraduate students Freedom Propagation II

RGB colorful smart flower pot based on Arduino

  Analyze and process the data collected by the sensor,Light according to the normal ecosystem、Temperature、humidity、Moisture and other parameters,Determine whether the flowerpot ecosystem is in a steady state,Calculate the data、Statistics and display。This design is determined by the parameter through the writing algorithm and shows different characters on the display based on the judgment results。Make an app supported by the works on the Appinventor platform。Through the HC-06 Bluetooth module,Various data measured by the sensor can be displayed in real time,Send instructions through the text box,The effect of remote control。

Six Graduate Free Propositions Second Prize

Optical storage collecting equipment suitable for green buildings

  This work equipment is an optical storage straight and soft building energy -saving equipment suitable for green buildings。The output of photovoltaic arrays is connected to the DC bus via the boost converter。DC bus connects with a three -phase inverter and the booster transformer is connected to the grid。Energy storage through two-way DC-DC converter is connected to DC bus,Wise with photovoltaic power,Maintain the DC bus power constant。DC bus can be connected directly through the BUCK antihypertensive converter,DC load charging can be used for electric vehicles。

Quick and precise calculation system for new energy electric vehicles for the temperature field of permanent magnet motor

  This work quickly and accurately calculates the loss of the permanent magnet motor,Especially iron loss and permanent magnet vortex damage,to predict the global temperature distribution and hotspot of the motor,to effectively prevent insulation damage caused by high temperature、Winding short circuit、Permanent Magnet Degeneration and Material Deformation。The research adopts the magnetic field analysis model and the improved limited difference method,Combined with complex component equivalent and heat -domain model,Improving calculation efficiency and accuracy。

Comprehensive energy system refined construction simulation toolbox

  This work TOOLBOX builds a refined model library,It can achieve refined modeling comprehensive energy; secondly, a friendly user interface is developed based on the Simulink simulation environment; at the same time,Based on the model library,Developed multi -functional simulation operation module,It can realize offline simulation and real -time simulation of the system。The steady -state simulation of the toolbox made four improvements on the basis of existing functions,At the same time, it added to the daily correction and recent scheduling function。

Movement modulation dual source bridge transformation topology continuous set simplified model predict control and its noise tolerance improvement strategy

  This study first establishes a unified simplified model of multi -topological structure,Ieradant correction of simplified models,Finally, a simple and feasible sampling noise suppression strategy。Line -based processing of prediction model,15049_15072。Solve the optimal control volume,Use two -step long prediction control,and the optimal estimation of some unknown parameters in the forecast model,Overcoming the controller calculation delay problem existing under the predict control of traditional single -step models。In terms of noise tolerance capacity,Reconstruction of the prediction model,Introducing the noise tolerance coefficient,Effective suppression of sampling noise by increasing the noise tolerance coefficient。

  The successful conclusion of the "Electric Cup" competition,Building a talent for the students for students、Exercise professional skills、Stage to promote knowledge exchange。Not only exercise everyone’s actual operation ability and ability to solve complex problems,also significantly improved the influence of school in academic research and technological innovation。Future,"Electric Cup" Student Academic Technology Work Contest will continue to pursue excellence,Continuous optimization and innovation,Award to a higher level of development。We look forward to in the next summer,"Electric Cup" can gather again with everyone,Welcome new challenges and opportunities together!

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