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Notice on the 2024 summer school of the School of Electrical
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To expand the global vision of students,Enhance its communication ability in a multi -cultural environment,and cultivate outstanding talents with international competitiveness,The college specially planned the 2024 summer course。This course invited many internationally renowned scholars,brings together resources from the world's top higher education institutions and institutions,Open to all students。The following is the specific information of the course arrangement:

1. Forms of teaching

The Summer School of the School of Electrical Engineering of Shandong University will be carried out on July 8th to July 18th, 2024,Including a series of inspirational lectures in total of 32 hours。

2. Course settings

This summer school is divided into four parts, which are:

Course 1:

Course Title: Wind Energy Conversion System (wecs) The transmission function analysis modeling and application、Multifaming modeling of the power system。

Lecture professor:Prof. Kai Strunz

Host: Wang Peng

Course 2:

Course Title: Integration of power and thermal energy system、Data driver modeling in the power system。

Lecture professor:Prof. Vedran Peric

Host: Wang Peng

Course 3:

Course Title: High -voltage DC transmission (HVDC) The bottleneck and challenge of the cable system、Overview of insulation function in power engineering。

Lecture professor:Prof. Gilbert Teysansèdre

Host: He Dongxin

Course 4:

Course Title: Intelligent Frequency Control、Protection principles and fault positioning of overhead transmission lines。

Lecture professor:Prof. Vladimir Terzija

Moderator: Jin Chaoyang

3, course information

The academic institutions involved are:


Shandong University (China)

SHANDONG University (China)


Newcastle University (UK)

Newcastle University (UK)


University of Ourus (Danish)

Aarhus University (DNK)


French National Science Research Center (France)

Center National de la ReCherche Scientifique (FRA)

Berlin University of Technology (Germany)

Technische Universität Berlin (GRE)

Chairman and invited experts:



Professor Zhao Haoran

Prof. Haraan zhao

(SHANDONG University)

Invited experts


Prof.vladimir Terzija

(Newcastle University)


Prof. Gilbert Teysansèdre

(Center National de La Recherche Scientifique)


Prof. Kai Strunz

(Technische Universität Berlin)


       Prof. Vedran Peric

     (Aarhus University)

Participation method:

  See the relevant meeting number and password in the poster below


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