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The University of Electrical Engineering, the undergraduate 2023 level of the online grade meeting
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  In order to clarify the precautions during the holidays and the related work arrangements for the next semester,Bachelor 2023 of the School of Electrical Engineering held an online grade meeting on June 28。The meeting was chaired by the 2023 counselor Teng Dan,All 2023 undergraduate participation。

  The meeting first emphasizes the importance of holiday safety。Summer is a high incidence season for drowning and food poisoning,Counselor remind students during the holidays,You must ensure your own safety,Be careful when performing entertainment activities。She emphasizes,Security is the basis of all activities,Each student should raise self -protection awareness。

  The status quo on the current scam problem,Counselor remind students to adhere to the bottom line,Plumb your eyes,distinguish between right and wrong。To avoid causing personal property losses,Students should not give money to others at will,To improve the consciousness of anti -fraud,Protect personal property security。

  In terms of academics,Given that students in the freshman year have occurred,Counselor emphasized the importance of maintaining the state of learning。She encourages students to take each department carefully,Avoid the influence of subsequent studies due to multiple subjects。She mentioned,Learning is not only to pass the exam,It is also for personal growth and development。

  The convening of this online grade conference,Not only did the students answer doubts about college life,It also indicates the direction of progress for them。Through this conference,Students' safety of holidays、Anti -fraud and learning attitude have a deeper understanding。I believe in the next college life,Students at the Undergraduate Grade 2023 of the School of Electrical Engineering can be able to have a mind,Story of the past,Constantly pursuing excellence。

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