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The School of Electrical Engineering held a 2020 undergraduate graduation cup basketball game
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  Youth bloom,Flying of the field,June 15,The graduation cup of the 2020 undergraduate graduation cup basketball game at the School of Electrical Engineering was successfully held at Xinglongshan Campus Gymnasium,Level 20 Class 1、Level 20 Class 4 and the remaining three teams of mixed teams to participate。

  Level 20 1 basketball team、Level 20 Basketball Team and Hybrid Union are Wang Ke Sheng、Han Jiajun、Yang Yan as the captain,The competition adopts the wheel play system,The winning team in each game will start a new game against the unplayable team。Three teams in the battle several bureau,There is a comeback,Victory and defeat,The physical fitness of the players is gradually consumed,But the fighting spirit is becoming more and more upheaval,Every offensive and defense condenses their love for basketball,Wonderful cooperation highlights the light of the team spirit,Every time the fight and breakthrough are full of youthful passion,The cheers and applause on the sidelines are one after another,Create a youthful carnival。

  Although the competition is divided into victory and losses,But in this youthful feast,Everyone is a winner。Electric athletes interpreted the infinite possibilities of youth without leaving the field with basketball,Also used sweat and hard work to draw a successful period for the four -year chapter of the undergraduate undergraduate。

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