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At the School of Electrical Engineering, the theme online meeting of the safety education theme
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  June 21,Each class of the School of Electrical Engineering held a series of theme meetings of security education in online,All undergraduates at Level 2023 attended the meeting。The meeting aims to advocate the concept of safety,Strengthen the safety awareness of students,Reduce hidden dangers of dormitory,Do a good job of corresponding safety precautions。

  One day before the meeting,Each class leader organizes the class committee,The content and process of the planning line of the planning line。Class Meeting,The class leaders of each class played to the students the national "production safety month" public welfare advertisement and theme promotional video,notified the recent safety accidents that have occurred in the recent school,Emphasize the importance of safety awareness to students。At the same time,In order to further urge students to strictly abide by the various management regulations of the "Shandong University Student Student Disciplinary Discipline (Trial)",The class leaders of each class once again emphasized the importance of the integrity test。

  Through this online meeting,Students have deep feelings,Ge Yan, a branch of the 1st class at the 2023 level, said: "Safety is a consciousness,A spirit,It is also restricting our rules and criteria,Do a good job of safety precautions,Do not care about it。"Liu Chenxi, a branch of the 3rd class of 2023, said:" Near holidays do not mean relaxation,Leaving the dormitory should be responsible for the safety of the dormitory,This meeting made me deeply realize that the lack of safety awareness will bring serious consequences,I will always remind students to keep safe in my heart,Implementing it。”

  Success of this meeting,Deepen the students' sense of safety and rules,The School of Electrical Engineering always adheres to safety -oriented、Believe in the rules,It will continue to deepen security education and integrity education,Cultivate students' excellent character,Help students continue to grow in a good study and life atmosphere。

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