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The School of Electrical Engineering held social practice experience sharing and exchange meeting
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  To help students understand the social practice activity process,Improve the form of social practice activities,Improve the quality of social practice activities,Promoting the Summer Social Practice of the School of Electrical Engineering in 2024,May 30,The School of Electrical Engineering held "Practice Building Heart,Xing Run Youth "Social Practice Experience Sharing Exchange Meeting。This conference was chaired by Wang Di, Minister of Innovation and Practice of the Student Union of the School of Electrical Engineering,Student representative Du Mingzheng、Zeng Shiyun、Yang Zichao、Li Shichao、Zheng Xinran was invited to share,Level 2023 students actively attended the meeting。

  will be on the meeting,Wang Di introduced the specific process of social practice activities、Team and project requirements,Leading students to learn to write a joint book and social practice report,and explained the inter -college certificate stamping process in different circumstances。Du Mingzhang focused on introducing the summer social practice reimbursement policy、Comprehensive test plus points,Sharing of submission experience from the aspects of the submission platform and writing guidance,Make students clarify the relevant requirements of social practice submission。

  Zeng Shiyun、Yang Zichao on behalf of Shandong University's "Ancient Rhythm Jinhui" Cultural Propaganda Social Practice Team Sharing Social Practice。Zeng Shiyun explained the content of the team's practice,"Ancient Rhymes and Jinhui" Cultural Propaganda Social Practice Team practiced the "Four in one",A variety of activities,Promote culture with actual actions,Let traditional culture and modern culture integrate。Yang Zichao's comprehensive team carried out the process,Pointing out that members of the social practice team should perform their duties、Collaborative cooperation,Jointly promoting activities from multi -dimensional promotion。In terms of activities,​​Yang Zichao explained a variety of propaganda channels,It is recommended that students conduct activities in combination with online pushing and offline booths。

  Li Shichao shared social practice experience from the aspect of non -inheritance,Combined with the social practice activity process of its own team,Detailed elaboration from team construction、Preparation of early stage、offline practice to the practice of activities summarized the whole process。He emphasized that team members should clarify their goals and precautions for offline practice,also showed the team's propaganda results,Last summary prospect。

  Zheng Xinran represented Shandong University Chunhui Society to share experience in the direction of education social practice。The characteristics of her social practice around the support social practice,Preparation from the previous period、Event practice、Share sharing in later work。In terms of activities,Zheng Xinran asked the team members to prepare lessons in advance,You must go to the teaching plan every day,And emphasized that the safety of team members should be guaranteed during the teaching activities。

  Last,Wang Di summarized this social practice experience exchange and sharing meeting,Xu Fangzhou, a 2022 undergraduate counselor at the School of Electrical Engineering, proposed to everyone for the upcoming summer social practice,and convey the high emphasis on the teachers' social practice activities,I wish students a good results in summer social practice activities。

  This "Practice Building Heart,Xingrun Youth "Social Practice Sharing Exchange Conference to build experience interoperability、Platforms for communication between peers,enriched the students' understanding of the social practice activity process,will effectively promote the quality improvement of social practice activities,For the students, the direction is pointed out in the upcoming summer social practice activity。

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