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At the School of Electrical Engineering, the theme class of the "Integrity Shopping Test" theme class in class 2023
Release time: June 03, 2024 17:17    Author: Zou Rui and Zhou Yu Bi Shutong Ma Jingya    点击:[]

  To further enhance students' integrity and consciousness,Create a fair and fair test environment,On the evening of May 21,At the School of Electrical Engineering, the "Integrity Shopping Test" theme class meeting in class 2023,The meeting was chaired by the squad leader Zhao Wenyong,All students participate in this class through online。

  ,Zhao Wenyong interpreted the "Candidate Code for the undergraduate Examination Candidates of Shandong University" to the students,Focus on details that emphasize being easily ignored,I hope that students strictly abide by the examination regulations,Establish the correct values。He listed the cases of some students in previous years that were disciplined or even expelled from school status,Warm students not to violate the school examination regulations,Ensure that integrity should take the exam。

  This class will improve the consciousness of students' integrity,Make students fully recognize the importance of integrity and the bad sex of cheating。Integrity should be responsible for yourself,is even responsible for other students,I hope that students will internalize the content of this class to the heart,Externalization,Create a better learning atmosphere。

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