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At the School of Electrical Engineering at Shandong University 2024 Athletics and Field Games, achieved good results
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  April 26,China Athletics Volkswagen Campus Series Series and Shandong University 2024 Athletics Games officially kicked off at the central campus,The School of Electrical Engineering gathered together with other college students,Sharing Spring Festival Movement Congress。

  Electricity Ruo You Dragon,气贯长虹。Sheng Zhen Huanyu,Break the sky。With the joyful melody,Electric students wearing a red and blue team service,Wind Wind Fa,morale,Walking towards the podium with a neat and firm step。The square array of the School of Electrical Engineering brought Pikachu's wonderful scenario drama performance to the spray fire dragon.,Soothing the tense atmosphere of the Games,Harvesting the warm applause of the audience at the scene。


  Spring Blossom Open Season,See God in the stadium。Sending the sound of the gun breaks through the sky,Athletes run to the end of the arrow as Li Xian。Zheng Wenchao played steadily in the women's 100m final,Get 6th place in the 6th place。200 meters of track,Short and intense。Zhou Shengjun erupted amazing power,Finally, I won the seventh place in the final with 25.52 seconds。Yu Xinliang lives in the 400m final,Pick a bronze medal。on the track of 800 meters,Each breathing of the athletes synchronizes with the rhythm of nature,Each acceleration is the resonance of the heartbeat,Pang Haoman sprints at the end at a speed beyond the limit,Get the sixth place in the group's sixth place。Middle and long -distance running is a double test of endurance and speed,The hot sun witnessed the persistence of the players in a circle of sweat。Jia Rui won the 6th place in the 1500 -meter competition,Hou Yuhang won the 8th place in the 3000 -meter final。5000 meters on the track,Perseverance of athletes,firm pace,Jia Rui rushed over the end with 18 minutes and 55 seconds,Get the seventh place in the men's group,I won the warm applause of the audience。On the track of the relay race,The spark of the team spirit is shining in the passing of the relay stick,The team members are connected,Cooperate with Infernal Affairs。Pan Yanyu、Li Zongrun、Jia Rui、Yu Xinliang won the seventh place in the men's group in the 4 × 400 tense competition。During the period,Electric students on the auditorium show their care,Express with words,Come on the electrical athletes on the field,Scream cheering。


  Spring Light does not treat others,Exercise is just at the time。110 -meter bar are on the field,Li Zongrun won the men's group 6 with a score of 21.21。Bu Xinrui is as light as a swallow,Leapy,Get runner -up in the men's jumping competition; in the men's third -level jumping competition,He won the 7th place with a proud result of 10.90 meters。


  Above the three feet podium in the past,Teachers are pragmatic and rigorous,Delicate,You are also friends and friends;,Teachers' style,英姿飒爽,Fighting spirit。1500 meters of competition,Zhang Rongshi is like a broken bamboo,In the cheering shout, he won the 1500 -meter finals of the staff members of the employee; on the shot field,Symphony of Power and Beauty,Players sprinkle sweat,Portsuit breaks through long air。Final,Xu Fangzhou won the shot of the employee men's armor group with excellent results of 11.75 meters,贠 Zhihao won the runner -up of the employee Men's C group with 9.68 meters。Chai Yanan strives for a while,Throw the 6th place in the employee female group B shot competition。                                                       


  On this green stage,Athletes use their sweat and tenacity spirit,I wrote a moving and moving struggle movement。They not only span the track,More spanning itself,Each starting and sprint into a vivid annotation of sports spirit。Every effort of athletes,All are the desire and pursuit of dreams。Each drop of sweat,All condenses the longing for honor and courage to challenge。Final,Economic Organizing Committee announced collective awards,The School of Electrical Engineering won the sixth place in the total score of the men's group for the student group,Tenth place in the total score of teaching workers,The total score of the general group is 15th,Shandong University 2024 Track and Field Games Sports Moral Fashion Award。


  Striving for the first time,Bai Xun fight for flow。The sports athletes of the School of Electrical Engineering take the wind and waves in the fierce competition、Cutting Thorns,Show the most beautiful attitude of stubborn hard work,The best state beyond self,Casting the flash of flashing in the bloody youth with hard work and sweat。I look forward to the electrical students in the future without fear of wind and rain,Go forward,Continue writing new glory!

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