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At the School of Electrical Engineering, the "Book Fragrance Runxin" -Reading Sharing Meeting "
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  April 17,The School of Electrical Engineering held the "Book Fragrance Runxin" in classroom 2207 in the teaching building of Xinglongshan Campus。This reading sharing meeting was chaired by Li Haozhe, a comprehensive management center of the Student Union of the School of Electrical Engineering,Professor Chu Xiaodong and student representative Liu Yi、Zhang Wenkang、Zhao Zhengyu、Wang Dalin to share,Each grade of the college is actively attending the present。

  The first shared person is Professor Chu Xiaodong,The book she shared is "Yu Qiansheng and Wu Jianxiong"。First,Chu Xiaodong starts from the author and the background of the time at that time,I introduced the basic content of the book,Then in detail the principle of conservation of the conservation of the conservation of the conservation of conservation for us in detail。In this book,A major problem is the weak interaction.。To solve this problem,Author Wu Jianxiong resigned to work,Cross -several setbacks,Try countless experiments have finally proved that Yu said that Yu is not always conservative。This book tells students,Only studying practice in one intention,can solve the problem。

  The second sharer is Liu Yi,He shared "Mr. Toad to Watch Psychologists" and "Chinese Great History"。Many contemporary college students are in the confusion and anxiety of education and employment,and "Mr. Toad Go to see the psychologist", teach us to actively face everything,Help students treat anxiety rationally。"The Great History of China" Let us learn to use the big history outlook to cognition everything,"At the time of heaven and man,Change of ancient and modern "。

  The third share person is Zhang Wenkang,The book he shared is Lu Yao's "Ordinary World"。To make us understand the storyline more clearly,He first introduced the author's background。The protagonist Sun Shaoan in the work、Sun Shaoping is a young man struggling on the poverty line,But they are self -improved,Relying on your own tenacious perseverance and fate,Moral perfect pursuit of self -pursuit。"A ordinary person,You can also live extraordinary ",We can live a peaceful life,but must not be mediocre!

  The fourth sharing person is Zhao Zhengyu,The book he shared is "Cultural Hitter",He started with the introduction of books,It tells that Yu Qiuyu seems to be a bitter monk,Wandering is in losing the bright bitter travel,Open a cultural redemption。From Mogao Grottoes to Huangzhou,This is no longer a simple journey,Instead of shutting over 5,000 years at a time。"Heaven high ground,Endlessness of the Universe ",Dangwu brigade to the shore,Discovery in the pretentiousness of pride,Chinese culture is shining,Ancient ancestors,There are comes today。

  Fifth share sharing is Wang Dalin,The book he shared is "Unbearable Light of Life"。Show us a talented writer Milan,Under a rich life experience,Start thinking about "light" and "heavy"。Everyone is floating between light and heavy,The ultimate light and heavy weight are unbearable,We should find the lifestyle that we really want,Find a balance。

 "Book Judong also,Good reading can be medical and foolish ",Reading can cultivate self -emotion、Broadly、Feeling life,I believe this reading sharing will inspire students' reading enthusiasm,Search from the book to your own good medicine,Be a better self!

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