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The third year of college electrical electronic engineering innovation competition Shandong region rematch was successfully held in our college
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  July 6th to 7th,The Third Universiade Electrical Electrical Engineering Innovation Contest Shandong Division Section was successfully held at the School of Electrical Engineering, Qianfoshan Campus。This contest is sponsored by the China Electricity Technology Society,The preliminary and semi -finals of the Shandong Division are organized by our hospital。The contest is an exploratory practice activity close to the actual project of the project (mainly undergraduate).,It aims to promote the close combination of the theory of engineering education in colleges and universities,Cultivate students' ability to practice innovation and solve complex engineering problems,Promote teachers to combine theoretical teaching and engineering practice。

  Before the game,Yin Lumin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College、Dean Ding Lei and other colleges leaders give strong support to the organizational organizational organizational。Assistant Dean、Director of the Experimental Center Cong Wei Organized Experimental Center Relevant teachers and graduate volunteers conducted a detailed work deployment,The successful holding of the contest。

  According to statistics,This contest Shandong Division has a total of from Shandong University、China University of Petroleum (East China)、More than 40 teams from universities such as Shandong University of Science and Technology participated in the competition。The work is mainly concentrated in the power structure、New power system and device、Open propositions such as electrical energy production related areas,and two -way DC isolation converters、AI algorithm realizes the optimization control and motion trajectory planning of the servo system、Planning and design of the Optical Reserve Microex of the Industrial Park。The competition invited Schneider Electric、Shandong University、China University of Petroleum (East China)、Qingdao University、Long -term supplement、Shandong University of Science and Technology、Many experts from universities such as Shandong University of Architecture are judges。During the competition,Review experts listened to the report of various teams,Careful and detailed reviews of the entries,and put forward targeted suggestions for improvement。Each participating teams also learn from each other through the competition、Long -term supplement,Deepen function design during the subsequent research and development process。

  Success of this competition,effectively promoted teachers、Mutual communication between students,Expand the influence of the event,Also accumulated experience in the large -scale event of our hospital,The future publicity and expansion of this event has a positive role in promoting。

Review experts and staff photos

Answers at the scene

Work review

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