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The Party Branch of the Experimental Center held the "July 1" theme party day event
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  In the afternoon of June 27,The Party Branch of the Experimental Center of the School of Electrical Engineering organizes the "July 1" theme party day event。This event aims to further strengthen the discipline education of party members,Ensure that the party's discipline is strictly observed among all party members。Li Qingquan, deputy dean of the college, attended and taught the theme party class,branch secretary Lu Jing chaired the meeting。

  The first content of the theme party day event is Comrade Li Qingquan as a party member of all party members。Li Qingquan quoted a series of vivid cases,Elaborate the importance of discipline,Specific explanation of the practical significance of disciplinary party lessons in the field of education,and inspire all teachers to work together,Contribute to the youth of the new era。All party members learned and watched "One Hundred History Course • Discipline in the History of the Party" for learning materials。

  The second item of the theme party day activities is the in -depth study of all party members.。Comrades of party members have stated that they will take this learning as an opportunity,Effectively abide by political discipline and political rules,Consciously abide by the Guidelines for integrity and self -discipline,Strengthen self -constraint,The bottom line of the party discipline,Establish a lofty feelings for dedication to the cause of the party and the people,Concentricted God fulfilled the sacred responsibility given by the party and the people。

  The third item of the theme party day is not forgotten the original heart,A total of "Political Birthday" activity。The branch is Lu Jing, the 20th anniversary of joining the party、Pei Ying, who joined the 15th anniversary of the party、Liu Chenlei, who joined the party in the tenth anniversary of the party, has three comrades who have passed the political birthday,and issue a political birthday greeting card and special customized gifts。Three comrades also shared with you the excitement of the day of joining the party and the journey after joining the party,Expressing the beginning of the party to adhere to the party、Dedication、Serving the people's firm beliefs。Finally, all party members revisited the party's oath。

  Through this "July 1" theme party day event,Not only does it enhance the discipline consciousness and rules of all party members,It also pointed out the direction for future work。All teachers of the experimental center will be full of enthusiasm,More solid work,Contribute to the college's high -quality development。

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