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The School of Electrical Engineering held a series of research symposiums,A new chapter of high -quality development
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  July 1st to 5th,Party Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Electrical Engineering Yin Lumin、Dean Ding Lei and other members of the leadership team went to the college research institutes to conduct research,Talk to the teachers for discussions。This series of discussions aims to thoroughly study and propagate and implement the spirit of the 15th party congress of the school,Summarize the results of the first half of the year,Analysis exists,Plan the blueprint for future development。

  Experimental Center's research and discussion mainly focuses on team building、Laboratory construction and management。Secretary Lu Jing reported the work conditions and insufficient existence of the experimental center in the first half of the year,All teachers will build first -class courses、Laboratory safety、Experimental teaching content and experimental means update and other topics for in -depth discussions。Ding Lei will affirm the effectiveness of the work center,and build a high -level experimental team、Improve laboratory construction、Optimized experimental team management and other issues propose specific requirements。Yin Lumin conveyed the spirit of the party's congress and further pointed out the problems existing in the experimental center and the next development direction,Encourage everyone to actively participate in scientific research,Improve personal level,Teaching with scientific research feedback,Realize comprehensive development。

  In the Institute of Research Institute of Research Institute,,Secretary and Director Hao Quanrui for scientific research、Teaching、Summary of the work performance of personnel,Teachers actively share scientific research and teaching experience and future development direction。Ding Lei's summary emphasis on the importance of research direction adjustment and focus,The necessity of proposing to expand the direction of new research,Advocated organizational scientific research activities to improve the level of scientific research。Yin Lumin pointed out that young scholars should aim at major national needs and "card neck" technology bottlenecks,Through team cooperation to accelerate the transformation of scientific research results。

  In the Symposium on Electrician Theory and New Technology Research Institute,Director Zou Liang to the basic situation of the institute、Party building、Teaching、Scientific Research、Social services and future planning have been comprehensively reported。Secretary Wang Xiaolong further introduced the composition of the person in the institute,Pointing out that the age is facing age,、Teaching more、Challenges such as not focusing on the research direction。Member of the Research Institute report in turn,Teaching reform and development、Construction of Scientific Research Platform、Methods and suggestions for youth teachers。Yin Lumin and Ding Lei after listening to the report,Emphasize that teachers need to adapt to the development of the times,Improve the quality of teaching; the scientific research direction should serve national strategic needs,Pay attention to theoretical breakthrough and solve key technical problems,At the same time, strengthen the transformation ability。

  other,The college leaders also go to the Institute of Electricity Systems、Electrical and Electrical Research Institute、Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Research Institute conducted discussions and investigations,Comprehensively understand the work progress and existing problems of each institute,Provide important reference for the overall development layout of the college。

  This series of surveys not only deepened the college's upper and lower understanding and practice of the spirit of the school's party congress,More the development of the institute has depicts clear blueprints in the future,Stimulated the teachers and students of the whole hospital to participate in scientific research innovation、The enthusiasm of teaching reform,Writing a new chapter of high -quality development of the School of Electrical Engineering。

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