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The School of Electrical Engineering was held in the 2024 school -level teaching reform project, and annual inspection and defense meeting
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June 5, 2024 8:30 am,The School of Electrical Engineering held a 2024 school -level undergraduate education reform project in the conference room 524 of the Electrical Engineering。Deputy Dean of the College Sun Yuanyuan、Deputy Director of Teaching Center Zhang Feng、Li Hongwei、Expert Zhang Wen、Zhang Li、Three experts of Wang Hui, as well。

This school -level teaching reform project has been divided into 2022 teaching reform project acceptance acceptance and 2023 teaching reform project for mid -term inspection。A total of 10 items of school -level teaching reform projects that were accepted in 2022,"Interactive immersive comprehensive energy teaching research for wide -caliber ability quality improvement"、The "High -voltage Electric Equipment Class and Practical Teaching Research Research on the New Power System"、"Engineering electromagnetic field simulation and experiments" borne by Zhong Hui、Li Hongwei undertaken the "In the New Engineering Background" Circuit "Course Offline Class Student Innovation Cultivation Exploration"、Li Zhen's "Power Electronic Teaching Design and Practice for Comprehensive Smart Energy Systems"、Li Changgang undertaken the "Research on Power System Analysis Continuation Course Integrated Teaching Simulation Method"、Zou Liang undertake "The OBE -based high -voltage technology course teaching reform"、Zhang Hui undertakes the "Under the Background of New Engineering System Trend Calculation Experiment Design"、Dong Xiaoming's "Research on Practical Teaching Research on Electric Coupling Virtual simulation of Electric Coupling Virtual simulation based on transmission lines" and Zhang Feng's "New Energy Active Supporting Practical Teaching Model and Platform Development Research on New Power Systems"。

This mid -term inspection2023yearSchool -level teaching reform project total 8 items,The design of the "small wind/light/storage micro -power grid experimental platform design、Realization and promotion "、Fan Chengxian's "Electrical Engineering Mathematics Classroom Teaching Reform in the Back to New Engineering"、"Electrical Comprehensive Experimental Design Based on Advanced Electrical Electronics Technology"、"Research on High -voltage theory and Practical Teaching of Discipline Cross -fusion" by Sun Yan、Sun Yuanyuan's "" Case -based "ideological and political elements and discipline knowledge blend" high -voltage DC transmission "curriculum knowledge map construction"、​​Wang Jing's "Simulation Experiment Pioneer Multi -Anti -Unit One -step Circuit Teaching"、Wang Peng's "Facing New Electric Power System Virtual Simulation Teaching Model and Platform Development Research"、andWang Zhijun's "Linear Algebra (Bilingual) Course Easy Education and Easy Promotion and Practical Teaching Research on Electrical Engineering Discipline"。

Each teaching reform project is responsible for the teacher reporting the project research content、The overall completion and the results obtained;,Give valuable suggestions。Through this undergraduate education reform project, and annual inspection and defense meeting,Each project recognizes the advantages and deficiencies,I learned about the work carried out by other projects in teaching research,Long -term supplement short,Teaching concepts have been improved。

Deputy Dean Sun Yuanyuan fully affirmed the achievements of the college teachers in teaching research,I hope that teachers will effectively improve the teaching level of our college through the teaching reform project,benefit students,Stimulate the beginning of the education of the majority of teachers to adhere to the educational heart of Lide Shushu,Strive for more teaching results。

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