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Shandong University School of Electrical Engineering, the 16th "Electric Cup" Student Academic Science and Technology Work Contest, successfully held
Release time: June 05, 2024 14:35    Author: Figure/Gu Zongqiwen/Xin Zhipeng Tian Chenglong    点击:[]

Recent,hosted by the School of Electrical Engineering、Shanda Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. sponsored co -organizer、The 16th "Electricity Cup" student academic science and technology works contest hosted by the Academic Association Academic Science and Technology Innovation Center was successfully held。The competition is divided into preliminary round、Two stages of the rematch,A form of combination of free proposition and reference proposition,A total of 24 teams participated。

The preliminary match was held on the afternoon of May 29,from Wang Yubin、Wang Hui、Chen Deliang and Zhao Tong four teachers are judges。Four teachers conduct detailed review and comprehensive review of the participating works,In the end, 16 teams entered the finals,Among them, undergraduate reference proposition team 3,Graduate reference proposition team 4,Graduate Free Proposition Team 9。

The final was held on the afternoon of May 31。Zhang Zongbao, deputy director of the R & D Center of Yanshan University Power Technology Co., Ltd.,Guo Kai, deputy manager of the Intelligent Device Department of the R & D Center of Shanda Power Technology Co., Ltd.,Song Sili, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University,College mentor Wang Hongtao、Zhonghui、Wang Yong and Wang Xiaolong as judges。

The reference proposition of this competition is carefully designed by experts from Shanda Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd.,Pioneering and innovation on the basis of summing up previous experience,Divided into two parts of software -related hardware -related,Covering machine learning、Fault Record Wave、Single -chip machine、Playing the ball、voltage measurement and other aspects,Examine the understanding of the contestants' understanding of propositions。

Freedom proposition works are rich and diverse,Development of both power -related software,Ruyong Magnet temperature field calculation system、Comprehensive energy system simulation toolbox, etc.,There are also practical physical hardware production,If a high -voltage pulse power and a plasma occur device、Optical storage collecting equipment suitable for green buildings,Excellent works that reflect the cross -integration of disciplines,For the design and implementation of new insulating materials for enhancing the heat management capabilities of the motor,Fully showed the solid professional literacy and creativity of the contestants。

After fierce competition with the judges' common discussions,Finally select the first prize of the first prize,Six items of the second prize。After the game,The judges and students took a group photo。So far,The 16th "Electric Cup" student academic science and technology works contest successfully ended。

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