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The Party Secretary of the School Party Committee Ren Youqun went to the School of Electrical Engineering for research and guidance
Release time: May 09, 2024 09:59    Author: Song Zhen    点击:[]

  On the afternoon of May 7,Ren Youqun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong University, and his party visited the School of Electrical Engineering for investigation and discussion,Listen to the work report of the college and discuss exchanges。

  Dean Ding Lei, Dean of the Academy of Electrical Engineering, surrounds the "College History Montering、The current status of the development of the college、College Future Plan "",Focus on reporting the college in recent years "organized teaching、Organizational scientific research、Teacher Team Construction、Space Resources Management、Experimental platform construction、Academic Exchange and International Cooperation "and other aspects。He said,With the strong support of the school's party committee and the joint efforts of the teachers and students of the hospital,The School of Electrical Engineering will actively face the frontiers of energy transformation technology、Actively serve the new power system to build a major national demand,Struggle、Mobbing with Yongyi。

  Party Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Electrical Engineering Yin Lumin reported the current key issues of the college and the key work of the next step。He said,Through further strengthening party building culture leaders,The college will strive to build "overcome difficulties、Fighting and doing "team culture,Shape "Ming Dade、Li Dazhi、Cheng Da Cai、Education culture,Create "self -improvement,Pursuing Excellence "college cultural atmosphere。

  Ren Youqun carefully listened to the relevant situation of the college,and communicate with the participants cordially。He affirmed the effectiveness of the college's work in recent years。He emphasized,The college must actively serve the "big of the country",Efforts to open up production and research resources,Strive for new breakthroughs at the level of discipline construction; strive to expand the scale of the research team,Strengthen the integration of relevant discipline resources in the school,"Concentration of strength to do major events"; to strengthen cooperation and exchange,Academic conferences through undertaking、Various forms of visiting abroad,Pioneering vision,Improve the level of internationalization。Ren Youqun said,The school will fully support the development of the School of Electrical Engineering,Helps the development of the college to achieve new breakthroughs。

  Standing Committee of the School Party Committee、Vice President Zhu Dejian,The person in charge of the relevant functional department of the school、Members of all leaders of the college participated in the survey。

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