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The Party Committee of the College organizes the reading class and special counseling report of party discipline learning and education leadership team
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 In order to thoroughly implement the "Implementation Plan for Party Discipline Learning and Education of the Communist Party of China Shandong University Committee",Organize the party members and cadres of the entire hospital to carry out the study of the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",The Party Committee of the College held a party disciplinary study and education class on May 8,Promoting the continuous deepening of party discipline learning and education。

 May 8th,College Theoretical Learning Center Group and the Institute of the Institute mainly conducts collective study discussions on the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China"。Comrade Yin Limin emphasized when hosting the study,Party members and cadres must study the "Regulations" carefully,Consciously use party rules and party discipline thinking and action,Further strengthen discipline consciousness,Provide a solid disciplinary guarantee for the high -quality development of the college's career。

 On the afternoon of May 8,The Party Committee of the College held a special lecture on party discipline learning and education,Zhang Yanyan, an associate professor of the Marxist College of Shandong University, made a special report entitled "Knowing the Boundary Line"。Report from the background of the era of the Regulations、System level、Main content and practical requirements of the "Regulations" detailed interpretation,Focus on the new revision of the Regulations、Modify、Important content of perfect,Connect from discipline and law、The angle of the discipline and law,Contact the actual case analysis of the actual case of college work,To better study and master the spirit of the "Regulations" for teachers and students,In -depth promotion of comprehensive and strict governance of the party、Enhanced disciplinary construction has an important guiding role。Through this lecture,Teachers and students have a clearer and profound understanding of the party's discipline,Everyone said that in the future work,We must more firmly abide by the party discipline and party rules,Always take the political discipline of the party as its own behavioral specifications and norms of life。

 Next,The Party Committee of the College will continue to carry out in -depth party discipline learning and education,Guide party members and cadres to learn from、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Ensure that party discipline learning and education takes a deep practice,Convert party discipline learning and education into a powerful motivation for first -class discipline construction。

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