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Happy Bao! The School of Electrical Engineering won the first prize of the ninth Graduate La La Fuck Competition of Shandong University
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  June 2, 2024,Shandong University Ninth Graduate Malacca Competition in 2024 was held in the Central Campus Gymnasium。School of Electrical Engineering cheerleading team shows an excellent professional standard and tacit team cooperation,Stir out among many participating teams,Won the "First Prize" of the Ninth Graduate La Raid Contest of Shandong University in 2024,Luo Xinya won the "Personal Style Award"。

  Sound waves,Flower Ball Flying。Under the attention of the audience,The School of Electrical Engineering cheerleading team wonderful appearance。The team member is wearing a blue tone gradient team,Handheld orange flower ball,Youth Dynamics,Show the electrical style。Electric students tacitly,jump、Rolling、Terminal and other techniques to run the clouds; the second style flower ball is compact,Like a butterfly flying; the Battle section is exquisitely conceived,Team members face the spring breeze overflowing;,Audience seats even exclaimed。The atmosphere at the scene is warm and extraordinary,Applause and cheers here,endless。

  One dance,Electrical Chinese Chapter。The action arrangement and music design of the cheerleading operation and the fusion of hip -hop、New Chinese and other popular elements,Absorbing aerobics、Sports Dance、Arts such as art gymnastics and other project experience,Incorporate the second style,Add multiple movements、Technical Innovation。Careful preparations for up to two months,La La Fun team members overcome heavy pressure,Present this carefully arranged work to the audience with the best state。

  "In terms of dance,Maybe we do not belong to the good foundation,But we have an unyielding spirit and tenacious perseverance。"Behind the good performance,It is often unknown hardship。It is the dazzling bruises on the knees of the team members,It is a monthly designed action arrangement,It is a technical solution repeatedly discussed,Is the inner heart of everyone。Two -month rehearsal,Team members overcome difficulties,Every training is full enthusiasm,Each action condenses the whole body energy。The leader of the college also paid close attention to cheerleading work,Bring great support and encouragement for students。It is this unity、In the atmosphere of concentric cooperation,Thinking of the team members,Jimmering in one place,Finally performed perfectly on the field。

  Striving for the first time,赓 Continue glory。With the joint efforts of all cheerleaders and staff,After the fierce competition of 26 participating colleges in multiple campuses,The School of Electrical Engineering La La Rulu won the second place,Get the first prize again! This honor is not only a recognition of the exquisite performances of cheerleaders,It is the college that the college has paid attention to sports for a long time、Aesthetics of Aesthetic Education Culture Heritage and Innovation。Our hospital will insist on responding to the call of Shandong University,Adhering to "Unity、Fighting、Innovation、Excellence "spirit,With more full enthusiasm and firm belief,Solidly promote college sports、Comprehensive development of Aesthetic Education Work。Let's work together,Writing the Chinese chapter of the School of Electrical Engineering!

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