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The School of Electrical Engineering hosted the "Chun Chemical Style" academic integrity instructor salon event of Shandong University
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  In order to fully implement the party’s 20th spirit,Vigorously cultivate and promote the spirit of the educator、Scientist spirit,Guide postgraduate mentors strictly abide by academic norms,Preventing anti -academic misconduct。May 9th, the School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University, hosted the "Chun Chemical Style" academic integrity instructor salon event of Shandong University,Further enhanced the awareness of the rule of law for the rule of law、Disciplinary consciousness and academic moral norms awareness,Improve the level of intellectual property protection、Scientific research ethics and academic ethics,Cultivate excellent school style、Teaching Wind、Shi Feng、Learning style,Consciously maintain academic integrity,Promoting academic innovation and development,Leading high -quality professional innovative teacher team construction with the spirit of educators。Graduate School of Shandong University、Xu Feng, Director of the Cultivation Office of the Graduate Work Department of the Party Committee、Director of the Degree Jiang Nan attended。Sun Yuanyuan, deputy dean of the School of Electrical Engineering,Deputy Secretary of the College Party Committee Song Sili to the opening resignation、Part of the graduate instructor of the college participation。


  Sun Yuanyuan first emphasized that graduate mentors and graduate students must resolutely maintain academic integrity,The importance of shaping a good academic ecology。Song Sili takes the negative material of several instructors that have recently occurred in violation of the style of teacher style and morality as examples,The warning instructor must strictly observe the morality bottom line during the training process of graduate training,Build a harmony、Healthy Guide Relationship。


  Xu Feng used "practicing scientific research integrity,Abide to academic ethics "as the theme,systematically introduced the connotation of scientific research integrity,Practice scientific research integrity、Adhere to the necessity of academic ethics and the implementation path。Xu Feng particularly emphasized the key role of mentors in guiding students to conduct academic moral construction。He pointed out,Instructor should urge students to ensure the authenticity of scientific research data,Strictly abide by the writing specifications of thesis,and participate in academic evaluation with an objective and fair attitude,Establish an academic moral benchmark for students。


  Jiang Nan is based on the theme of "Stable and Step in the Graduate Quality Guarantee System",Display the graduate training system of Shandong University from different disciplines,Analysis of the quality of my graduate thesis in our college,Integrity to urge the mentors of the School of Electrical to strictly control the quality of thesis and academic standards,Effectively improve the quality of graduate graduation thesis。


  After the teacher's salon is over,Xu Feng、Jiang Nan and the college leader、Teachers carry out discussions and discussions,Guide the development of graduate education of the School of Electrical Institute。Yin Lumin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Song Sili、Deputy Dean Sun Yuanyuan and some teacher representatives attended the meeting。


  Xu Feng affirmed the scientific research achievements and education education of graduate students,and I hope that the college will make greater breakthroughs in the construction of cross -disciplinary courses。I hope that our hospital can jump out of the knowledge of this subject,Based on national strategic needs,Make outstanding contributions to the forefront of national development and discipline development。


  Jiang Nan pointed out,College still needs to be strengthened in the quality control of graduate papers,And again emphasized the importance of teachers and morals in graduate training。Hope College strengthens overall planning,Improve the consciousness of academic norms for teachers and students,The college must understand and actively guide the health guidance relationship,Establish and improve a long -term mechanism for the construction of a teacher morality,Do a good job of risk prevention preparation plan,Eliminate the incident of violations of the morality of the teacher。

  This event,Graduate School revolves around "independent training、Numerous Innovation "concept,How to develop cross -disciplines in the new situation、Improving the college's overall competitiveness and other issues to guide the Electrical Institute,The direction of the subsequent graduate education of the School of Electrical Engineering。

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