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2022 China Electronics and Energy Conversion Conference (CPEEC 2022) and the 25th Academic Annual Conference (CPSSC 2022) Essay Notice
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m88 sports bettingNotice of Essays of the 25th Academic Conference of the China Power Society

2022 China Electronics Electronics and Energy Conversion Conference (CPEEC 2022) and the 25th Academic Annual Conference of the China Power Society (CPSSC 2022) will be held in Guangzhou from November 4th to 7th, 2022,The 3rd IEEE International Power Electronics and Application Conference and Exposition (IEEE PEAC 2022) International Conference。The conference aims to promote power electronics、Energy conversion and power technology related fields of scholars and related personnel at home and abroad,Promoting production、Learning、Research cooperation,Promoting technological innovation and progress of related industries and industrial chains。The meeting will pass the conference report、Branch Report、Special lecture、Technical Report、Industrial Report、Acting of the wall newspaper、On -site exhibitions and other forms of new theories in various fields of power supply、New Technology、New results、New processes and new products conduct in -depth exchanges and discussions。

Essay content
1. New switch power supply: DC transformation, power factor correction

2. Inverter and drive control

3. SICganDevice, new power device and its application

4. High -frequency magnetic elements and integrated magnetic

5. New energy power transformation

6. Electric energy quality, distributed power generation system

7. Lighting power supply and consumer electronics

8. Special power supply

9. Electromagnetic compatibility

10. Radio can be transmitted

11. Information System Power Supply Technology:UPS, DC power supply, battery management

12. Electric vehicle charging and drive

13. Traffic Electrification

14. Electronic electronic power system and equipment

15. Advanced battery and battery energy storage device and system

16. Fuel battery and related devices and systems

17. Other energy storage technology, device and system

18. Electricity and other energy conversion elements, devices and systems

19. Electric electronics -related electronic device -related electrical materials and components technology

20. Other

Essay requirements

1. The paper should be innovative、Practical、or reference value。Each paper does not exceed 6 pages。

2. The thesis submission adopts PDF format file,A4 paper,Edition core is limited to 17cm*25cm。Article Format (Branch Sequence): Title/Author-Unit-Postcode/Summary/Keyword/Text/References/Author Briefing。The text is No. 5,Dual -row typeset。The paper officially published in magazines or newspapers is not adopted; text: Chinese or English。For details, see the "Thesis Format and Precautions" on the Academic Annual Conference website。

3. Excellent thesis annual meeting,Get the author's consent,It will be recommended to the China Power Society Journal "Journal of Power" (core journal)。

4. Please log in to the Academic Annual Meeting website,Log in to the relevant authors and thesis information in accordance with the "Contribution Guide",Upload the paper electronic document,The size of each electronic document is controlled within 2M。

Important Date:

Disciplinary time for the paper

June 30, 2022

Industrial report collection deadline

July 15, 2022

Special lecture collection deadline

July 30, 2022

Paper Research Time

August 15, 2022

Submitting time for the final draft

September 15, 2022

Conference Time

November 4-7, 2022

This meeting arranged a special lecture、Industrial Report and other links,Related content at the same time,For details, see the following chainTake:

Special lecture collection notification

Collection Notice of Industrial Report

Conference Secretariat:

China Power Society



Address: Yellow River Channel, Nankai District, Tianjin467No.16Floor


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