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Dr. Bin Wang Research Group, the University of Texas, Dr. Bin Wang, intends to recruit 2 full awards doctoral students
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University of Texas at San Antonio at the University of Texas, OR UTSA) Dr. Bin Wang, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, intends to recruit 2 full awards doctoral students,Electric power system or application mathematical direction,Earlier 2022 Autumn Admission。Interested students,Please resume,Undergraduate and Master's (if there is) a transcript,TOEFL (or IELTS) and GRE scores are sent to。

Research direction:1. Analysis and simulation of power system;2. Highly proportional new energy power system stable analysis and control;3. Power system oscillation analysis and oscillation source positioning.

UTSA was built in 1969,ranked second in the University of Texas,It is one of the fastest -developed public universities in the state。UTSA is a doctoral research university in the Cunvi classification (146 in the United States),Engineering enjoys a high reputation in the United States。UTSA is located in a beautiful resort city St. Antonio,Located in central and southern Texas, USA,It is the second largest city in Texas, the United States (behind Houston),It is also the seventh city in the United States。

Dr. Bin Wang (Google Scholar = EN)IEEESenior members, in2011year,2013I won the undergraduate of Xi'an Jiaotong University in the year(The first Qian Xuesen Experimental Class)and a master's degree, Yu2017I received a doctorate degree in the University of Tennessee.2018-2019During the year,Poor postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Texas University of Agriculture and Industry,Later as a researcher at the National Laboratory of Renewable Energy in the United States。Basic research work that has been engaged in stable analysis and simulation of power system for a long time,Research issues include power system modeling and control,Trend Calculation,Temporary Stable Analysis,Stable analysis of voltage,Machinery dynamic simulation,Electromagnetic temporary simulation,oscillation analysis,Non -linear dynamics,PMUApplication, etc.2016I was awarded by the Ministry of Energy from the National Energy of the United StatesMost Valuable Player("Best Player Award"),2017I won the United States in the yearCurrentThe Academic Achievement Award issued by the Engineering Research Center,In the same year, he won the excellent professional future award issued by the University of Tennessee。2020year as the first timeIEEE-NASPIPower System oscillation source positioning competition organizing committee,Responsible for the research on the topic of the game and the evaluation of the results of the game。

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