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Shandong University "His Majesty" Graduate Academic forum 2024, No. 1 (Total No. 1338)
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Title: Challenge facing high -voltage AC and DC transmission cable insulation materials

Moderator: School of Electrical Engineering He Dongxin Associate Professor

time Bate: January 23, 2024 (Tuesday) at 14:30 pm

Di points: The lecture hall on the fourth floor of the Electricity Building of Qianfoshan Campus

Brief introduction of the reporter:

Gilbert Teysansèdre,Senior Researcher of the French National Science Research Center (CNRS),Research work mainly engaged in the field of solid insulation space charges and deterioration mechanisms,From 2003 to 2015, he served Dielectrics and Reliability Group , DSF) Director of the Research Team、Member of the Academic Committee of Laplace Laboratory at the University of Toulouse, France。He has served as a member of the European Space and Aviation Science and Technology Network Technology Guidance Committee from 2012,and served as the head of the key scientific research projects of many EU and France。

Honor: Graduate School and Party Committee Graduate Work Department

Handling: School of Electrical Engineering

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