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Shandong University's notice on doing a good job of joint training at home and abroad in 2023
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2023In the year of Shandong University's "Domestic and overseas joint training doctoral project", the application work has been launched,Notify the relevant matters as follows:

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1. Love the motherland of socialism,Have good thoughts and business quality and study、Outstanding performance in scientific research,High degree of career and responsibility,physical and mental health。

2. Excellent doctoral students,Generally, the compulsory courses specified in the corresponding professional graduate training plan should be completed before sending,and excellent test results。During the period of research, it is generally a prescribed academic system。

3. The applicant's foreign language level meets the requirements of applying for a national public graduate project and sending a school。

4.Funding from the National Public Study Abroad Project、Admission or funding for this project、The other unit is funded or is participating in other joint training projectsstaff,Not within the scope of this plan.

2. Joint training requirements at home and abroad

Joint training at home and abroad should have a common or similar research direction and cooperation research foundation,And the other party is at the international advanced level in this research field。Overseas joint training units shall establish friendly relations with our school、Units signed a cooperation framework agreement with our school and other units with obvious subject advantages and advanced experimental conditions。

The mentor of both applicants should sign a joint training cooperation plan or agreement,Among them, the joint training method should be combined、Study abroad、Study Abroad、Overseas scientific research work、Learning or scientific research conditions provided by the other party、Duties of the mentors of both parties、Intellectual property ownership (must comply with relevant state and school regulations)、Graduate defense and other matters to make a clear explanation。

3, the period of studying abroad and funding

1. Overseas joint training for graduate students is 3-24 months,The school's funding period is 3-12 months。

2. Co -cultivation of graduate students' training fees、Entry -exit travel expenses and overseas living expenses are by school、The co -owned burden of mentors and overseas partnersThe school provides funding for overseas students based on the specific situation,Insufficient parts can be subsidized by the relevant funding of the mentor or the training unit where they are located。

Application of the National Public Study Abroad Project has not been admitted,Under the same conditions, the school will give priority to funding。LearningThe school has no more than 2 graduate students every year.

4. Application procedure and time arrangement

1. The applicant, please bring it before September 4thThe application materials are sent toEmail,After the college review, report to the Graduate School

2. The school will organize expert review according to the application,Announce the list of those who are intended to be funded。

5. The applicant submits materials

1."Application Form for Graduate Students from Shandong University (Graduate Form)" (Graduate Form) (Automatically generated after the graduate system is declared)

2."Application Form for Graduate Student Fund for Graduate Students (Instructor)" (Annex 1)

3. "Recommended Guarantee Book of Graduate Students from Shandong University" (Annex 2)

4.The invitation letter and translation of the other mentor (the invitation letter should clearly clear the applicant's study abroad、Study abroad period、Cooperation scientific research topics and costs, etc.。)

5.Joint training signed by the mentors of both parties or joint training plan (Chinese、One copy of the foreign language)

6.Overseas mentor resume

7.Proved Materials of Foreign Languages ​​(TOEFL、IELTS or other language correspondence certificates,or overseas mentor、The language ability certificate issued by the visitor unit。)

8.Related papers filled in in the application form、Participate in the project、Proof materials for scientific research achievements and patents

9.The Graduate Graduate of Shandong University Police (Land) Political and Ideology Auditing Form (College Resessing Reserve)

The above materials are in one copy, named after the serial number.Our school has recommended to report to graduate students who are not accepted by the National Public Student Program,It has no change in the dispatch time and training plan,Just submit it to 1、2、3 application materials。If there is any change,Submit the corresponding materials and note updates。

Six, sending and management

1. The graduate student funded by the school must be sent according to the time required by the invitation letter of the foreign partner,Validity of Study Abroad in principle reserved until December 2023。

2. The funding students should study and study in accordance with the joint training plan or agreement,The plan cannot be changed midway without permission。Graduate students should regularly report to the instructor and training unit for study during studying abroad、Research and other situations,Its graduation review、Thesis defense and degree awarding in accordance with the relevant regulations of our school。

3. Joint training graduate students after finishing or studying work overseas,Learning during the cope、Summary of research work,The opponent's cooperative mentor should deal with students' research results、Academic level、Work ability, etc. Write written comments,Graduate students must send the above materials and passports and other training units to go through the procedures for registration。

4. Indeed, those who cannot return to China (inbound),Two months in advance should be approved to apply for the graduate school for two months in advance,During the delay period, no more funding。Those who have not been approved to return to China (inbound),The school will deal with it in accordance with relevant student status management regulations。

​​Back to China in advance due to the completion of the joint training plan(Entry),Application for one month in advance,Both sides and training units agree to report to the Graduate School for approval。Graduate students return to China for some reason (entry),The remaining expenses that are actually settled in the outside world must be returned to the school。

7. Consultation method

1. 2023 Shanda Lianpei Graduate Selection QQ Group: 649191159; Verification Method: School Number+Name。

2. Contact: Li Tianyi, Graduate Training Office,Email:。

Eight, Annex

1. Shandong University Graduate Student Study Abroad Fund Application Form (Form for Instructor)

2.Graduate students of Shandong UniversityOverseasRecommended guarantee for studying instructor

3. Shandong University Graduate Student Fund Fund Funding Standards


Graduate School and Party Committee Graduate Work Department

                  2023July 29th

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