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Our hospital hosted the "Intelligent Evolution Mechanism and Design of Distributed Information Energy Systems and Design" Project Progress Progressive Seminar
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October 22,Organization of the Institute of Smart Electrical Science and Technology of Northeast University,The National Key R & D Plan for Electrical Engineering, Shandong University School of Electrical Engineering, the transformative project of "distributed information energy system, intelligent evolution mechanism and design" project progressive work progress seminar was held at Jinan School of State Hotel。Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications、Wuhan University、Tianjin University、The relevant topics of the Research Institute of Southern Power Grid Science Research Institute attended the meeting together。

In this seminar,The person in charge of each topic of each topic respectively develops the research progress、Current problems and future plans are reported to report。Professor Zhao Haoran of the School of Electrical Engineering, report on the subject's "consistency of energy coupling node energy and its adaptive continuous evolution modeling",Energy consistency marks in the research process、The important aspects of comprehensive energy flow calculation analysis and other aspectsThe progress is sorted out and summarized; the dean of Nanjing University of Post and Telecommunications University、Dean Yue Dong, Dean of the Advanced Technology Research Institute, reports on the two "time and space multi -dimensional coordinated intelligent evolution mechanism in the game when the information incomplete dynamics",Baidistributed optimization,The important progress made in the aspects of deep reinforcement learning has been summarized; Professor Sun Qiuye of the School of Information Science and Engineering of Northeast University of Information Science and Engineering, the three "information-energy coupling network variable topology state in the state report,Introduce the important progress made by topic three on the edge control of smart terminals; affected by the epidemic,Professor Zhu Jiebei, School of Electrochemical and Information Engineering, Tianjin University, passed the form of Tencent meeting,Report on the four "Information Energy Terminals-the vertical joint energy deployment scheme and its sustainable evolution of the cloud platform",Introduce important progress in the energy conservation of data center; topic five "distributed information energy systems of distributed information and energy systems The global intelligent evolutionary simulation experimental platform and engineering demonstration application" shall be reported by Associate Professor Ma DazhongIntroduction to important progress on the comprehensive energy system simulation platform。Professor Dong Xuzhu, Dean of the School of Electrical and Automation of Wuhan University, supplemented the simulation platform and demonstration engineering construction,Give relevant suggestions。

After the report of each topic is over,Project leader、Assistant Assistant to Northeast University and Dean Zhang Huaguang, Dean of the Institute of Intelligent Electrical Science and Technology,、Existing problems and future plans to comment。He said,The overall progress of the project is smooth,Follow -up research should continue to strengthen the docking and interaction between topics,Accelerate the implementation of system joint and demonstration work construction。

This seminarSuccessful convening,Further enhanced the interaction and communication between different topics of "Intelligent Evolution Mechanism and Design of Distributed Information Energy Systems",Solution and coordinate problems between different units,Promoting the overall progress of the project,SectionLearning has planned the overall direction of later research.

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