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The party branch of the college organ organizes the "July 1" theme party day event
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  In the afternoon of June 27,The Party Branch of the School of Electrical Engineering organizes the "July 1" theme party day event,Call for party members to not forget the original intention with a sense of solemn ritual、Shoulder the historical mission,Actively give play to the role of vanguard。Member of the College Party Committee、Deputy Dean Zhao Haoran teaches theme party class,The secretary of the agency branch Renwa presided over the meeting。

  The first item of the theme party day is "Remembrance to the Day of the Party" to pass the political birthday activity。The party branch of the college is Xue Hui, the 30th anniversary of joining the party、Comrade Song Jiping spend a political birthday,Zhao Haoran issued a political birthday card and special customized gifts for him。Xue Hui and Song Jiping shared the excitement scene of the day of joining the party and the journey after joining the party。Xue Hui said,In the past thirty years of joining the party,Personally experienced a new era of reform and opening up and socialist modernization and a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,As a glorious Communist member,Will continue to adhere to the original intention,Obief of the organization's call at any time。Song Jiping expressed gratitude to the party and the country to lead the people to a happy life,and thanks to the college party organization for their care。

  The second item of the theme party day event is Comrade Zhao Haoran, the deputy dean of the branch branch, to take the party lesson for all party members,The theme of the party class is "Stick to the Party's Discipline,Casting the Soul of Education "。Zhao Haoran emphasized the importance of party discipline,and from anti -corruption education、Self -purification and other angles strengthened the seriousness of disciplinary implementation。Finally he said,The college teachers have good discipline and organizationalability,In the future, we will continue to integrate party discipline into teaching、In the practice of scientific research。

  Renwa summarizes the content of the meeting,and encourage the party members and comrades of the branch to work hard to improve their work capabilities,Form a good atmosphere of the organ,Actively serve the high -quality development of the college。

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