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Youth Teachers at the School of Electrical Engineering of Shandong University in the 11th University Young Teacher Teachers Teaching Competition in Shandong will get better results
Release time: 10:48, July 01, 2024    Author: Figure/Wen Li Hongwei    点击:[]

June 6, 2024,Shandong Provincial Department of Education announced the list of winners and outstanding organization awards in Shandong Province。The young teacher of our hospital Zhang Yanbin won the second prize,Li Changgang won the third prize,Hao Quanrui and Li Zhen won the excellent award! The new breakthrough of the number of awards for the college participated in this competition over the years,Show the excellent teaching level and love teaching of young teachers in the college、Pursue an excellent spiritual style!

This event is the largest scale of universities in Shandong Province、The highest level of young teacher teaching competition,Participating content involves teaching design、Classroom teaching and teaching reflection and other links。This contest started in November 2023,from the Shandong Provincial Department of Education、Shandong Provincial Education and Trade Union Committee jointly sponsored,Shandong Provincial College Teachers Training Center and Shandong Normal University。601 players from 152 colleges and universities in the province compete on the same stage,Division Literature、Science、Engineering、Medicine、5 discipline groups in Sicing and Politics,Set preliminary round、Section、Three stages of the finals。Among them, 274 teachers from 114 universities entered the rematch,151 teachers from 80 universities entered the finals,The final was held on May 25-26, 2024 at the Qianfoshan Campus of Shandong Normal University。This competition has a total of 60 first prizes,91 second prizes,118 three prizes。

School and college attach great importance to、Actively prepare for the race。The young teachers from our hospital pass through the hospital recommendation、School Tournament selection、Experts carefully guided,significantly improved teaching level,Finally 4 young teachers participated in the provincial competition。The results of this competition are not only a recognition of the teaching level of young teachers in the college,It is also an incentive for the undergraduate teaching work of our college,It is also the inevitable result of the implementation and reform of "based on the original" implementation and reform of "based on the original",It plays a good demonstration role in improving the education and teaching level of young teachers。

Next,The college will continue to take teaching competitions as the starting point,Pay close attention to curriculum construction and reform、Training of young teachers' teaching ability、Teaching Digital Smart Construction and Application,Comprehensively strengthen the construction of young teachers,Guide young teachers to update teaching concepts、Love classroom teaching、Innovative teaching method、Improve teaching level,Create a high quality、Professional、Innovative teacher team。

Teacher Zhang Yibin is at the provincial game

Teacher Li Changgang participated in the school competition selection

Teacher Hao Quanrui participated in the school competition selection

Teacher Li Zhen participated in the school competition selection

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