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The School of Electrical Engineering successfully held the first phase of the first phase of "Youth Theory" graduate academic sharing exchange meeting
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  June 7,Shandong University School of Electrical Engineering, the first phase of the "Youth Theory" Graduate Academic Sharing Exchange Conference successfully held in the lecture hall on the fourth floor of the Electricity Building。This exchange will be "learned about Hongcai,Sword ‘job’ future ”is the theme,Invite Ding Yunhan、Lu Baoqi and Zhang Jin's three outstanding graduates conduct employment and sharing experience and Shen Bo experience,Song Jiping, Director of the Graduate Office, attended this event。Exchange will be chaired by Shao Yuxuan, the Academic Innovation Center of the Graduate Association。

  At the beginning of the forum,Ding Yunhan is based on the "State Grid Job Search Experience" as the theme,Preparation from the previous period、Reporting for recruitment process and interview process。He emphasizes,The recruitment focus of the local units of the State Grid is different,Decent in accordance with your own job search and employment willingness、Grasp the key point。When editing resume,To highlight personal highlights,I can introduce it from personal profile、academic achievements、Project experience、Honor obtained、Student work and strength advantages to start。During the process of preparing the written test and interview,,To quit arrogance and irritability、Guarantee efficient learning,Draw the previous experience。Keep calm after entering the interview,Try to show personal characteristics,Make sure the whole process is smooth and natural。

  Lu Baoqi expands with you with the theme of employment time shaft planning and preparing the theme of State Grid Shandong Electric Power School Recruitment。In the first part,He emphasized to grasp the advantage、Open the field of vision,Clarify your employment orientation,Pay attention to the opening time of major employment channels,Prepare step by step。At the same time,Lu Baoqi remind everyone to pay attention to the summer practice registration of,Accumulate experience for subsequent applications。Preparation for written tests and interviews,He believes that you still have to prepare efficiently based on his own learning rhythm,Pingping mentality、Prepare for all aspects,Follow the good present,No need to be too anxious。

  Zhang Jin takes the theme of "Reading Bo Qian abroad",Preparation of pre -period、Selecting school and scholarship application as the theme introduced。In terms of preparation,Zhang Jin said,Language grades should be met in accordance with the requirements of individual school selection、Improve personal resume,Prepare the transcript、Degree certificate translation and other necessary documents; in terms of school selection,He introduced the characteristics of various overseas universities in detail according to the regional and funding methods,and combined with their own experience and understanding to give you suggestions for everyone; in terms of scholarship applications,Zhang Jin introduced the situation of the national public scholarship application and the basic process and tips for the application for doctoral scholarships。Last,Zhang Jin encourages everyone to be a person with dreams,Keep working hard for dreams,Perseverance for the career for love。

  Question link,Three outstanding graduates on the school's test test experience proposed by the students、Review Plan、Balance students' work and scientific research, and the principle of applying for a doctoral selection of schools to answer one by one。Song Jiping summarized this event,Briefly introduce the early approval of the State Grid Examination and the employment of previous graduates,And employment choice、Reading Boshen Creation and other aspects gives reasonable suggestions。So far,This issue of "Youth Theory" Graduate Academic Sharing Exchange Conference is successfully concluded,The guests attended the stage to take a group photo。

  This sharing exchange meeting aims to provide students with a platform that communicates with outstanding graduates,Share through the experience of graduates,Help students understand job search skills and their own development experience,Encourage more students to plan career development direction reasonably in the future learning life,Prepare for the overall development goals and life planning。

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