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The college successfully held the first issue of 2024 (Total 1338) "His Majesty" Graduate Academic Forum
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January 23,from the Graduate School of Shandong University、Hosted by the Graduate Work Department of the Party Committee,No. 1, No. 1, 2024 (Total 1338), hosted by the School of Electrical Engineering, was held in the lecture hall on the fourth floor of the Electricity Building of Qianfoshan Campus。This forum invites Gilbert TeysSèdre,The lecture theme is "Challenges for Insulating Materials in HVAC and HVDC Cables" for the challenge of "high -voltage AC and DC transmission cable insulation materials"。The forum is chaired by Associate Professor He Dongxin,Associate Professor Gong Jinlin、Associate Professor Jin Chaoyang、Ren Fuqiang Associate Researcher、International Exchange Commissioner Wu Ke attended this event。

The lecture mainly revolves around the insulation cable in the grid、Electronics and related phenomena and challenges,systematically introduced the challenges faced by high -voltage AC and DC transmission cable insulation materials。First,Gilbert TeysSèdre through the power grid needs、High -voltage cable technology and the historical perspective of cable insulation introduced the insulation cables in the grid。He pointed out,High -voltage DC transmission technology is a response to the demand of the power grid,Compared with the exchange cable,DC cable can be used for electric energy transmission at a longer distance in principle。He compared the main types of the two high -voltage cables as of now -oil paper insulation cables and extruded insulating cables,Oil paper insulation cable technology is very mature,Service reliability is very high,can be large capacity、Long distance for underwater and land transmission; while extruded insulating cables have a higher conductor temperature (90 ° C)、Lighter moisture -proof layer、More easier to connect,and can reduce the insulation loss and increase the length of the system (without hydraulic restrictions)。

Then Gilbert TeysSèdre introduced the electronics and related phenomena,Including a macro response of the electrical media、charge transport attributes、Phenomenon in the charge of insulation space。Electronics can be polarized、Materials that can store static energy,It is also an insulator。When combining materials (or media) together,Electric fields will be re -allocated according to the conductivity (high electrical fields with high resistance) or the dielectric constant (high electric field in the material with low dielectric constants),Generally speaking,Solid insulation material requires a low -agent constant。In macro behavior,D dielectric constant、Losses and conductivity will have different effects on the stress distribution in the insulation material。Trap is the basic feature of transportation in the insulation material,It includes physical traps and chemical traps。After that, he introduced space charge measurement technology from the two methods of thermalology and acoustic science。Last,Gilbert TeysSèdre from the overall trend、Accessories design and improvement of insulation materials introduced the challenges faced by future cables and attachments。


Event last,Participating teachers and classmates take photos together。This issue of "His Majesty" Graduate Academic forum is successfully ended in the warm applause of teachers and students。


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Gilbert Teysansèdre,Senior Researcher of the French National Science Research Center (CNRS),Research work mainly engaged in the field of solid insulation space charges and deterioration mechanisms,From 2003 to 2015, he served as the solid electrics and reliability group , DSF) Director of the Research Team、Member of the Academic Committee of Laplace Laboratory at the University of France。He has served as a member of the European Space and Aviation Science and Technology Network Technology Guidance Committee since 2012,And the person in charge of multiple EU and French key scientific research projects。

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