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"Science and Technology Daily" English special issue headline column published an interview with Professor Vladimir Terzija in our college
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Recent,Vladimir TerzijaProfessorInterview with Science and Technology Daily,Share a series of results made by his scientific research cooperation with our hospital for many years。January 20,"Science and Technologies Daily) headline column published an exclusive interview article entitled" Fascination of Electrical Engineering "。"Science and Technology Daily" official website、Mobile client also reported the same period of the article。January 23,"Belt and Road" news cooperation alliance reproduced the article to the official website。

During the interview,Professor Terzija focuses on introducing wide area monitoring、Protection and control technology system (Wide-Arta Monitoring, Protection and Control, WAMPAC),This system is one of his focus on research topics。Professor Terzija said,Vigorous region in China,The power system is huge,More than 1.4 billion people depend on strong、Security、Reliable power supply,and the WAMPAC system helps ensure the efficiency of China Grid、Security and reliability。

other,Professor Professor Terzija also focuses on solving challenges related to the application of smart grid applications and multi -energy systems in the real world。He emphasized,Integrating various energy systems is an effective solution to maximize the use of renewable energy and green energy,Can achieve the flexible operation of the entire energy system,and optimize the use of renewable energy。In his opinion,The above measures play a vital role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions,helps to realize clean energy power generation,Finally achieve the net zero emissions target。

Professor Terzija said that he has been with for many yearsOur hospitalContinuous cooperation,During the period, I got strong support from scholars,Then it can produce a large number of research results。Speaking of the vision of future research,Professor Terzija said that he will focus on the big data challenges faced in the safe and reliable operation of the power system,and dedicated to exploring topics related to the digitalization of the power grid,I also hope that the new generation of young scholars can promote the above research with him。

Science and Technology Daily is one of the mainstream media,"Science and Technology Daily" English special issue on July 1, 2021.,Mainly targeting more than 300,000 foreign talents in China to carry out science and technology foreign publicity,It is an important platform for telling the story of Chinese scientific and technological innovation。The "Belt and Road" news cooperation alliance is an important media cooperation platform under the "Belt and Road" framework,The People's Daily is the chairman unit。

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