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The results of the economic operation team of the power system won the "Excellent Product Award" of the 25th China International High -tech Achievement Fair
Release time: December 28, 2023 10:35    Author: Zhang Yuzhuo    点击:[]

November 15th to 19th,The 25th China International High -tech Achievement Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "High Communication") was held in Shenzhen。

The theme of this year's High -Tech Fair is based on "stimulating innovative vitality to improve the quality of development",Focus on focusing on the "14th Five -Year Plan" and key areas of science and technology development,The latest science and technology achievements such as the world's most cutting -edge scientific research technology and products in the world。


Peking University、Tsinghua University and other nearly 30 universities set up an exhibition area at the current High School,Carefully organize many scientific research results to display,Continuously promoting industrialization of high -tech achievements、Accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries,Show the world of Chinese universities for science and education forces。

Shandong University Participation in Scientific and Technological Achievement Exhibition and Achievement Trading Discussion Activity,concentratedly displayed 16 latest scientific research results and advanced technology,and won the "Excellent Organization Award" and "Excellent Display Award"; of which,Economic operation team of the power system"Selling electric side power spot trading auxiliary decision -making system"Won the "Excellent Product Award" issued by the Organizing Committee.


   Team -developed electric side auxiliary decision -making system will predict meteorological prediction、Loading prediction and e -commerce declaration optimization strategy fusion,Optimize the application strategy of the electricity sales side in the market a few days ago,Provide guidance for the e -commerce company to participate in the power market。The system uses a deep reinforcement learning algorithm,In -depth excavation of the electricity side application load、Actual load、The relationship between the cost of electricity price and electricity on the electricity market and the electricity sale of electricity purchases,Guide the application strategy of the electricity market to participate in the power market。The results are mainly used to improve the load management capabilities of electricity sales companies,Reduce transaction risk,Reduce deviation loss and income recycling。At the same time,Accurate load prediction can also be the security of the grid、Stability、Provides important basis for economic operation。

The Gaojiao Club is hailed as the vane of the development of the technology industry,It is known as the first exhibition of Chinese technology,It is a gathering place for scientific and technological giants in various countries in the world and innovative entrepreneurs in various fields。This year's High School attracted 105 countries and regional groups、More than 4,000 companies participated in the exhibition,The scale of the exhibition reaches 500,000 square meters,This is the largest high -level high -school meeting in history.。

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