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Summary of the Graduate Student Association of the School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University 2021-2022
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2021-2022School Year,The graduate student of our college will be under the leadership of the party committee of the college,Always focusing on the purpose of serving the students wholeheartedly,Implementing students with patriotism、Representative students with practical action、Serving classmates with wholeheartedly、The work concept of developing students with rich activities,Efforts to realize the self -education of graduate students in our hospital、Self -Management、Work goals of self -service,andWinning Shandong University2021-2022AnnualTop Ten College Graduate Association OrganizationHonorary title,The work of the Graduate Association of this school year mainly focuses on the following four aspects。

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M88 games apk, graduate students in our college will usePresidium+DepartmentRunning mode,Always adhere to the principle of hard work and efficiency,Strict control of the selection of officers,Clear job responsibilities,Improve service efficiency。At the same time,Graduate students in our college will successfully complete the optimization reform of the organizational structure,Re -formulated and implemented the work plan of the Secretariat of the Research Conference,Graduate Organization Capability、Work ability has been further improved。

Incubator trained as a student,Actively improve the internal training mode,Expand external communication。Inner,YiMulti -directional training, in -depth directionCarry out for the principleIce break activity, group building, regular meeting exchanges and other quality expansion activities together20Yu Times; establish a sound graduate meeting、Party Construction Center、Class Committee Three -Party linkage mechanism,Assistance to complete the election work of the freshmen class committee,Actively support various activities of the Party Construction Work Center,Explore the cooperation method,Strengthen the service consciousness of student organization。External,and new biography、Mechanical、History and other colleges and other colleges jointly organized friendship activities,Strengthen communication with different colleges。

Volleyball Team, as a help of comprehensive educating people, positive responseFive educationEducation policy, academic science and technology innovation activities have been carried out in the past year13Times, cultural and sports activities11times, volunteer service23Times, cumulative participants3000Others,Practice service purpose with practical actions,rich classmate spiritual and cultural life。

As a propagandist led by ideology and culture,Pay close attention to the ideological dynamics of the college classmates,Use the new media platform to build a cultural position at the hospital level,Deliven to implementationBroadcastContact classmates,FlatTransmission information,Guide students to establish correct values。Relying on the official platform of the college and the two public account platforms to carry out ideological and cultural publicity,Published throughout the year265, and published push through the research of the Ministry of Research Industry, Shanda Viewpoint, etc.93Pass the sound of electrical and show the college's style!

2、Auxiliary talent training: Balanced development,Help students grow up

In order to implement the fundamental task of Lide Shushu, the college always insisted onFive educationEducation concept, promote the constructionSanquan EducationSystem, solidly promote the construction of campus culture, fromDe, Zhi, Sports, Beauty, Laoand other aspects to carry out all -round activities, promoteFusion of educating peopleEducational practice change。Graduate students will strive to go through the content of the activity、Do a good job in service support to escort the talent training work of the college。

Moral education,Carry out a special report meeting for academic ethics specifications、Lecture and theme Class Meeting and other activities,Improve students' self -cognition and management ability,Help students grow healthy growth。Continue deepening ideological and political education,Careful studying the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party、General Secretary Xi Jinping to all editors of the editorial department of "Culture History and Philosophy" Editor's important reply spirit, etc.,Help electrical students based on the tide of the times。Carry out a series of interview activities for the principal award,Choose Tree Young Students Typical,Publicity example force。During the school celebration,Assisting the college to host11640_11649Alumni Symposium on Development of Electrical Discipline,Promote the consciousness of school students and alumni love schools。

Intelligent education, guided by academic research, holds academic moral lectures,National Award face faceElectric CupTechnology Works Contest and other activities,Strengthening the construction of learning style,Encourage pioneering innovation,Let the flowers of excellent learning style are often undefeated。Pioneering"PowerX TALKS"Academic Exchange Platform, DevelopmentFour Seasons WindHis Majesty Windand other academic forums, master/Continuing multiple international meetings,Create an academic highland of electrical engineering。At the same time,Research Conference is responsible for the registration and reimbursement of all kinds of student members and academic science and technology competition registration statistics in this academic year,Help the students of the whole hospital to increase academic wisdom、Improve the level of scientific research。

Sports,Holding alumni teachers and students basketball、Table Tennis Tournament and other activities,Pull into the distance between alumni and teachers and students;、New Laosheng Basketball Game、Graduate basketball games and other activities,Promoting the participation of sports for sports,Stimulate students' enthusiasm。In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life during the school's epidemic seal,DevelopmentAnti -epidemic, Chenguang Yue Running EnergyRunning Pickup Activity,Encourage students to develop good work and rest habits,Maintaining a good mental state and physical condition in the special period in the special period of the school。

Aesthetic education,To actively promote the construction of the college's excellent cultural construction、Effectively enhance students' aesthetic literacy,The School of Electrical Engineering was heldHundred and February Warm, NewEMan XingtianWelcome Party,Ge Ge Weiyang,ELight in the roadGraduation Party; during the period of the epidemic seal,Research Conference to carry out grass music festivals、Aesthetic Education Art Festival and Pickings on the campus on campusCreative Pickup Activity。One inch of light viewing the world,A period of record Yi Past,One Paper Han Mo Run Book Fragrant,Electric students perceive the spring of footsteps,Condense youth power with singing。

For labor education,To cultivate electrical youths with excellent comprehensive quality,Graduate Association Organization Welcome to the New、Distribute voluntary services such as materials; formulate a labor education list,Relying on the laboratory、Dormitory safety supervision,Carry out dormitory labor、Studio Labor Series Activity,combined with schoolMonday hoursLabor requirements,Carry out labor education in public areas of campus,Create a good atmosphere of loving labor。In addition,Electrical Research will focus on cultivating students' practical ability,Organize the training base of Jining Power Supply Company、Qihe County Power Supply Company Skills Training Base and other practical activities。

3、Students from the Service College: Keep in mind,Service level on the day

Serving the classmates wholeheartedly is the purpose of the graduate school of our college,It is also the original intention of all electrical research conferences。In this school year,Graduate students in our hospital will focus on improving communication methods and service methods,Firmly implement the intention to serve the classmates、The work concept of sincere dedication to classmates, positive responseI do practical things for my classmatesCall,Entry from students、Daily life comes to graduate and leave school to provide a full range、Full Process Service。

During the welcome period,Open Reporting Consultation Point、Luggage storage office serves new students;,Responsible for completing the transfer of hukou、Student help loan、Class Committee inspect selection、Organizational relationship transfer and other service work; hold a new school opening ceremony、Organization New Education Week,Help freshmen adapt to the transformation to graduate identity as soon as possible。

In daily life,Sort out Excellent Paper Collection,Organizational Answers at the end of the organization,Help students scientific research and study; carry out employment lectures,Auxiliary electrical students find the ideal job; broaden the feedback channel,Establishing a research meeting-Class-Dormitory III Service Chain,Organization cafeteria、Dormitory Symposium,Perform the rights and interests of students。

In terms of student campus safety work,Perform targeted inspections on the safety and health of the laboratory and dormitories,Safety and hygiene problems that occur in time,At the same time, the epidemic prevention supplies in each laboratory、Fire extinguisher deficiency problem,and organize the college students to participate in the fire drill training activities organized by the school。In addition,Research Conference actively responds to the requirements of the school's grid management,Reform the existing laboratory security officer system,Optimized laboratory security officer team,Establish and improve the college dormitory、Laboratory grid management system。

In terms of student service work,Our Academy of Studies participated in the completion of the dormitory decoration relocation work、Student hukou migration work、Source land and campus land loan handling work、Ticket information statistics work and some recruitment unit reception services,Let our students really feel the service role of the graduate school meeting。Specialties for professional and employment at the same time,The School of Electrical Engineering was heldFour Seasons WindIdeological Forum,Invite brothers and sisters from all walks of life to participate in the forum,Improve the speed of students from students' thinking to work thinking; host the School of Electrical EngineeringYouth saidGraduate Experience Sharing Meeting,Invite graduates to share their own scientific research from the perspective of students、job search、Kaobo Experience。

In terms of student rights and interests,Graduate students in our college will maintain close contact with the rights and interests of the school research association,Always maintain the unblocked mailbox of our hospital,Removal decoration in the new dormitory、Qianfoshan Canteen's Opinion Solicitation and other aspects are widely solicited for student opinions,A total of equity mail was received throughout the year23sealed, cumulative formation7Proposal to read and follow up at the graduate school congress.

In terms of epidemic prevention and control,Pay close attention to the physical and mental health status of students,Hold mental health、Special lecture on epidemic prevention knowledge,Release the vaccine vaccination information in time;,Cooperate with the school to carry out six one -conversation activities,Collect the conversation records and make files,escort for graduate life; assist the college to complete5Batch students return to school information and3Statistics of History of History of Mid -high Risk Area,Statistics of the new crown vaccination statistics;、Nursing and Rehabilitation College was heldescort hundreds, medicineEDaolaiSpecial lecture on health and first aid knowledge,and release the epidemic prevention and control related push in time,Positive guidance to the college students in thought and action。

During the graduation seasonCustomized graduation degree service170Amiba,Combined with the college characteristics and graduates' preferences,Design commemorative cultural and creative,Complete the preliminary preparation of the graduation gift、Traffic Counseling in the mid -term、Later distribution work。When the graduation season is approaching,Research Conference was heldGraduation season style displayActivity,Call for all graduates and students to actively participate,Draw a perfect period for graduate life。In addition,Assist the college to complete2022Level Outstanding College Student Summer Camp Organization、Publicity、Admissions work,Assist the college to complete the graduate enrollment live broadcast consultation meeting; be responsible15Send it under the document of the class、Collection and message notification work; assist the college to carry out social practice activities2Awards ceremony3times.

4、Future work plan: Looking forward to the future,Organizational development momentum is endless

In the past year,Under the leadership of the party committee of the college,Electrical Research Association successfully completed various work tasks。Through one year of effort,I also got a new breakthrough。

Electric students are like small charges,With the joint efforts of the research conference,YiOrganizationThe generator injects inexhaustible power, throughFive EducationThe transformer is booming, and useIntimateThe transmission line is escorted all the way, withInnovationThe power distribution box is a solid backing,踔,No forward,Definitely creating a wonderful life! It will also make the School of Electrical Teacher shine,Create a glory!

Do not forget to come when you come to the time, and work hard to forge a new journey.

New school year in the future,Electrical Research Conference will continue to actively explore the policy and policies of the reform of the secretariat,Do a good job of inheritance and transfer,At the same time, strengthen the construction of the graduate school family culture,better serving graduate students、Service College。

At the same time,We will take the new school year as a new starting point,Further lifting the flag orientation,Plum layout,The purpose of serving students around the heart,Precise cultivation、Pentamment、Continuous innovation,Unremitting struggle to realize the great Chinese dream,Writing a wonderful answer sheet with youth,The gorgeous chapter of the time of the time of the time is worthy of the era。


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