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Notice of the opening topic of the Discipline Platform of Shandong University
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  Shandong University's Electrical Engineering Discipline Platform Open Project is intelligent scheduling and control of the Ministry of Education's key laboratory、National Energy System Digital Technology R & D Center、Electric Vehicle Power Grid Access Technology National Local Joint Engineering Lab、Establishment of the key laboratory of high -voltage transmission technology and equipment in Shandong Province。In order to give full play to the role of the Discipline platform of Shandong University,Promoting scientific research cooperation and academic exchanges,According to "Open、Union、flow、Competition "operating mechanism Establish an open topic。Around the Energy Revolution、"Carbon Dafeng、Carbon neutralization "and other major national strategic needs,Focus on the key scientific issues and technical bottlenecks of the new power system,Promote cleaning low carbon、Security and abundant、Economic efficiency、Supply and demand collaboration、Flexible and intelligent new power system construction。Released on Shandong University Electrical Engineering Discipline Platform 2024 Open Project Application Guide。

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(1) The power and power balance of the new power system power system;

(2) The new type of power system runs safely and stable;

(3) New type of power system network source lotus storage interaction;

(4) New energy grid and active support control;

(5) Digital intelligentization of new power systems;

(6) New type of power system electrical equipment insulation technology;

(7) Discipline cross direction.

2. Application for open topics

1. The applicant of open topics is in principle a non -platform researcher,Mainly funded researchers who cooperate with the personnel of this platform,Legal first。The members of the project team applied for the topic must have the fixed personnel of this platform as the liaison,and the applicant of each contact person does not exceed two digits。

2. In principle, the applicant should have professional titles of sub -high -level and above or have obtained a doctorate degree,Age no more than 45 years old。

3. 5 items of open topics in this year,The funding of each topic is 50,000 yuan,The research cycle is 2 years (August 2024-July 2026)。

4. The applicant should carry out substantial research after funding,Follow the open topic contract,。

5. Applicants must fill in the "Application for Open Issue of the Electrical Engineering Platform of Shandong University" (Annex 1) and Summary Form (Annex 2),Electronic version Send to:。Application deadline: July 31, 2024。

3, open topic review

The Academic Committee of the School of Electrical Engineering of Shandong University will conduct formal review of the application,And in a fair competition、The principle of supporting support reviews the application project passed for form review。

Applicants who are intended to be funded must be within five days after receiving the notice of the standard for the capital,Send the paper version of the paper version stamped by the unit where the unit is located.,Term in one of them。

4. Research results

Research results obtained by using open topics,Share intellectual property rights from Shandong University and applicants,And Shandong University School of Electrical Engineering, the top three。

5. Open topic management

1. The School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University conducts intermediate inspections and acceptance of the subject,Requires the person in charge of the project to submit the mid -term inspection report on time,When necessary, go to the on -site report of the platform when the subject is acceptable。

2. After the subject is approved,Applicants with relevant reimbursement vouchers,The platform liaison of the applicant is responsible for the specific financial reimbursement management work。Reimbursement vouchers should look up as "Shandong University",Tax Number: 12100000495570303U。

3. When the subject is approved,Topic applicants can use 50%of the total amount of topic funds,All funds can be used after passing the mid -term inspection。

4. The remaining management requirements are implemented in accordance with the "Administrative Measures for the Opening Projects of the Electrical Engineering Platform of Shandong University"。

6. Contact and contact information

Contact: Sun Runjia

Electricity: 13256128382


Address: Shandong University Qianfoshan Campus School of Electrical Institute of Electrical Institute


Annex 1: Application for open topics of the Discipline Platform of Shandong University

Annex 2: Summary Table of Application Form for Open Project Application Form

School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University

July 1, 2024

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