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Shandong University Journal of Journal and College Joint key topic selection planning: new power system key technology
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Global energy development has entered a new stage,Energy investment center of gravity to green cleaning energy transfer,Efficient、Clean Energy Power Generation、The rapid development of energy transformation with diversification into the main characteristics,Green Energy Power Generation has become an important force for global power generation。The power industry assumes an important mission in accelerating the construction of a clean and low -carbon safe and efficient energy system,Construction new power system with new energy as the main body,Not only the strategic direction of achieving the "double carbon" goal,It is also the general trend of power development。

The power side of the new power system with new energy as the main body is prone to high volatility、Random、Low inertient、Short -circuit ratio and conflict of locks,It causes great difficulties to the stable operation and control of the traditional grid。New energy contribution is intermittent and volatility,DC hypage load represented by electric vehicles is more different from the port characteristics and electrical features.。High -density wind/Light/Storage and other distributed power supply and electric vehicle、The rapid development of the DC fluid load represented by the data center and the large number of access to the power grid,Makes a huge change of the source load of the new power system。How to properly solve the problem of energy supply brought by the contradiction of Yuanhe and the disappearance of time and space, etc. It has become a major challenge for the operation of the new power system。

Under the needs of new power systems with new energy sources,,To promote the development of the new power system field,Timely exchanging related scientific research results and experience in all aspects of industry, university and research,"Journal of Shandong University (Edition)" and Shandong University School of Electrical Engineering jointly planned "New Power System Key Technology" special topic or special issue,Special invited Professor Ding Lei、Professor Ye Hua、Professor Yang Ming and Professor Sun Yuanyuan as the topic or specialist host,Relying on "Journal of Shandong University (Journal of Science)" as an academic exchange platform,Discuss key technologies and theories in the new power system,Follow the latest progress in this field and share its research results。


I. The scope of the special draft (including but not limited to)

1. New Electric Power System Communication DC power grid network format evolution mechanism、Planning and operation;

2. New power systems containing high -proportion of power electronic equipment stable analysis and control;

3. "Double carbonNew power system source load power prediction and collaborative regulation under the constraint;

4. Low inertial power system control and renewable energy active support;

5. New energy midstream DC power supply system and key technologies;

6. Yuanhe Dutch Storage In -depth Interactive Communication DC Power Quality Analysis and Control of DC Boarding Grid;

7. High -proportion of renewable energy power system low carbonization control and power market;

8. The development and key technologies of the core equipment of the new power system;

9. Equipment status information fusion and digital simulation for the new power system;

10. Wind、Light、Storage、Engineering practice and demonstration application of DC system。

2. Paper submission and check method

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3, thesis writing requirements

The format of thesis, please refer to the submission template

Four, contact

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Please indicate when submissionNew power systemThe editorial department will give priority to the manuscript.


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