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The State University of Oklahoma, the United States intends to recruit full prizes for PhD students
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Dr. Zhang Ying, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oklahma State University of the United States, welcome to visit scholars and recruit 2024 Autumn/2025 Spring Entrust Dr. Graduate Graduate,The research direction is 1) The power distribution system running system under high ratio can be optimized control,2) The application of data mining and artificial intelligence in Cyber-PHYSICAL-SOCIAL power system,and 3) The elasticity of the power system in the weather changes and extreme weather。

Doctoral student application qualification:

· With the background of electrical engineering and computer engineering and research self -drive,GPA & GT; 3.0

· There is a certain mathematical basis,Familiar with at least one programming language and optimization software: MATLAB/SIMULINK, python, etc.

· In 1) Modeling of the power system、Simulation、Run、Analysis or 2) Application Optimization、Machine learning、Deep learning solution engineering problems have past research experience

· English reaches IELTS 6.5 or the same TOEFL level

Preferred consideration:

· The master's degree in electrical engineering and its automation and related majors

· Journal papers that have been published in SCI/EI,Have a certain English writing ability

Interested parties, please send your resume and representative papers to the mailboxtringzhang@ieee.orgMake an email theme: PhDApplication/VISITINGSCHOLAR。

Instructor background: Dr. Zhang Ying obtained a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering at Shandong University in 2014 and 2017,In 2020, he obtained a doctorate degree in electrical engineering at the University of Nanyan Association。Currently, the Assistant Professor of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, an Oklahoma StateUniversity of the United States。

Before joining OSU,She is an invited postdoctoral researcher and Cornell University at the Cross Scientific Department of Brook Blackwen National Laboratory of the United States Department of Energy。Her research interests include optimization based on the penetration of high proportion of renewable energy,Data mining,and artificial intelligence's power system situation perception and regulation。The research group currently focuses on the cross science based on the grid (data science,Climate Science,and Social Science) Studies。She has won the National Scholarship of the Ministry of Education,2017 Shandong University Outstanding Master Graduation Thesis (Research on Follow Positioning of Complex Transmission Circuit), E. Terman Award for Graduate Students and Moody Doctorral Dissertation Fellowship,and 2023 IEEE PES Outstanding Doctoral Graduation Thesis Award (Model and Data -driven power distribution system Situation Awareness Monitoring Research,Established for Dr. Graduate for Dr. 2020-2022 in the field of electrical energy,Selection of Four Global Selection)。She in the field of electrical engineering (IEEE TRANSACTIONS on Smart Grid, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, and IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, etc.) and artificial intelligence journals IEEE TRANSACTIONS on Neural Networks and Learning Systems Published more than 30 academic works, Including an ESI top 1%of the world's top 1%high -quotation text。Dr. Zhang Ying currently serves as IET Generation, Transmission & Deputy Editor -in -Chief of the Distribution and Applied Sciences Palace。She is the IEEE power distribution system status estimation work group,IEEEE based on data -driven power distribution system to build an mold monitoring work group,IEEE Female Data Scientist Association,IEEE Electric Energy Society Female Engineer Association,IEEEPESDISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS Analysis Subcommittee,and IEEE Young Professional members and Vice Chairman of the PSOPE Awards Committee (2024-2028)。

School Overview: Oklahoma State University is the 146th National R1: DOCTORAL Universities of the United States -Very High Research Activity University。School Open tolerance,Broadcast of international cooperation,There are cooperative school -run projects with many universities in China。Graduate Program, the School of Engineering where the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is located, ranks in the United States TOP 50,Every year, doctoral graduates have obtained OFFER。The research group currently connects closely with the National Laboratory of the United States Industry and Energy Department,The state where the state is located with its rich natural gas oil and mineral development energy economy,There are many opportunities for work and internships。

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