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Notice of the School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University on hosting the "2024 National Outstanding College Student Summer Summer Camp" activity
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Shandong University is a long history、A complete discipline、Sonicity of academic strength、The characteristics of the school are clear、The Ministry of Education, which has important influence at home and abroad, is a key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education,Is the National "985 Project"、"2111 Project" and "Double First -class" construction college。The School of Electrical Engineering, the School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University,Its predecessor can be traced back to the Department of Electrical Engineering, established by Shandong University in 1946 and the Department of Electric Engineering, established by Shandong Institute of Technology。The college has a glorious history,Shao Hongyi、Banbo Yuan、Hu Songyao and other well -known scholars and professors here coach,Cultivated Shi Dazhen、Liu Zhenya、Xue Yusheng、Fang Jianzheng and a large number of senior specialized technical talents,made a significant contribution to the development of national power and related undertakings。

In order to further improve the quality of enrollment of graduate students in the School of Electrical Engineering,Enhance the understanding of the college with outstanding college students,Inspiring excellent students' interest in learning and research on electrical engineering,The college decides to organize the "Summer Camp of Outstanding College Students of the School of Electrical Engineering of Shandong University"。

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1、The third grade of electrical engineering and related majors at school undergraduates (2025 graduates),Good morals、Honest and trustworthy、Honest and trustworthy、physical and mental health。

2. Subinging students need to meet at least the following requirements:

① The school where the undergraduate is located for the "double first -class" university;

② The fourth round of subject evaluation of the school's electrical engineering where the undergraduate school is located is B- or more;

③ Participate in the national science and technology academic competition identified by Shandong University,The top three in the individual or team won the second prize of the national award and above。

3、Excellent academic performance,With innovative ability and scientific research potential,It is expected to obtain a recommendation from the exam exemption for graduate students。

4、English passed the national level 6 level test (425 or more) or TOEFL/IELTS score excellent。

2. Registration procedure

1、Log in to Shandong University Graduate Admissions Management Platform Summer Camp Registration System

(Link: https: //,Fill in the relevant information as required after registering and logging in,and upload all the scanning parts of all application materials in the system。

2、Registration Date: June 12, 2024-June 30, 2024。

3, application materials

1、Undergraduate transcripts (stamped by the school's academic department);

2、1 professional ranking list of the college's education department or the official seal of the department of the department,and indicate the total number of professional personnel (professional ranking/total number of professional persons/ranking methods (comprehensive ranking、Grade Ranking、percentage system、Five -point system, etc.));

3、Personal resume (including educational background、Personal statement of personal expertise and a master's degree from studying in Shandong University);

4、State English Level 6 test transcripts or TOEFL/IELTS scores and other proof materials scanned.

5、Other proof materials,Including but not limited to: winning certificate、Published papers (directory page and text page), etc.,Copy of a copy requires the person in charge of the department of the department of the department to sign and confirm and stamped with the official seal。

Please be sure to ensure the authenticity of the submitted materials,If you find it, you will directly cancel the qualification of the camp,and inform the application of the applicant's school。

4. Admission procedures

The College Establishs Summer Camp Leading Group (Organizing Committee),and organize a special assessment team,Responsible for reviewing and evaluation of campers for registration materials for registered applicants。The results of the audit will be sent in mid -July in mid -July,The applicant can check whether the application is approved in the personal interface to see whether the application passes,Please reply to confirmation in the system in time in time,Pay close attention to the system notification,Those who do not reply to the time after the deadline are deemed to abandon the qualifications of the camp,Abstracts do not supplement。Not selected,No more notification。

Five, expense description

This summer camp is a non -profit -based academic exchange activity,Do not charge any fee,Shandong University bear the cost of boarding and accommodation of summer campers (personal borne of round -trip tolls,If you have difficulties, you can apply for subsidies from the college)。

The School of Electrical Engineering of Shandong University does not assume any legal and economic responsibility during the participants' activities。

6. Activity schedule

Summer Camp Time: Reporting time and offline opening time is mid -July 2024,Event content: Opening type、Academic Report、Laboratory visit、Team meeting、Teachers and students meet, closed camps, etc.

7. Related requirements

Participants in the summer camp after participating in the summer camp can only obtain qualified campers (students who intend to participate in the summer camp, please enter the group before June 30)

8. Consultation method

QQ group: 834490536

Contact number: 0531-88396820   Contact: Teacher Wang

Welcome to the majority of students to sign up!

School of Electrical Engineering, Shandong University

                 June 11, 2024

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