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Important reminders on graduate exchanges exchanges
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Graduate training units and graduate students:

To further regulate that graduate students from our school to study abroad,Make sure various safety periods during the postgraduate exchange and visit,According to the relevant management regulations of overseas exchanges from graduate students,Reminds important matters as follows:

1. Complete the school for approval and filing of school (border) as required

All participationNational, SchoolTraining unitand personal contact projectGraduate students should be in accordance with regulations before going abroad (border),Three weeks in advance to handle the approval and filing procedures for the school (border) in the school,You must not travel without the school; after the immigration, the inbound reporting procedures should be completed in a timely manner.

All new and old graduate studentsLog in to the new graduate information management system ("Shandong University Graduate Service Platform"Link: Complete approval/filing procedures,Specific processes are divided into the following two situations:

1. Jinan, Qingdao Campus-going abroad and going to Hong Kong and Macau:

(1) Going abroad (border): Graduate login new graduate information management system (graduate service platform in Shandong University),System prompt link,Directly enter the Ministry of International Affairs、Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office Outbound System Complete Report。

(2) Return/Entry: Graduate Log in to New Graduate Information Management System (Graduate Service Platform of Shandong University),Fill in actual outbound、Entry time,Upload summary and the proof of the entry and exit date,1Click the link to enter the entry system of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office of the International Department to complete the report。Graduate students who need to report to the school,After approval by the Ministry of Finance in the Hong Kong -Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office of the International Department of the International Department,Fang can complete the procedures for the on -campus report。

2. One school three places to Taiwan, Weihai Campus go abroad and go to Hong Kong and Macau:

(1) Going abroad (border): Graduate students to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office、The International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Weihai Campus completes offline approval procedures,Log in to the new graduate information management system (Shandong University Graduate Service Platform) fill in the information and submit it。

(2) Return/Entry: Graduate Log in to New Graduate Information Management System (Graduate Service Platform of Shandong University),Fill in actual outbound、Entry time,Upload summary and enter and exit the date of proof of the photo and submit the photo。

Note: The actual out of the country、The outbound date changes for more than one month、Change of the outbound time,Should be reported to the training unit in time,Training unit reports to relevant departments,Entry graduate students should report to the inbound filing in time,To avoid affecting the distribution of academic funds。Relevant matters related to the issuance of long-term exchange graduate school assistance, please see the "Graduate House" website。

Graduate graduate students must no longer be based on a joint training doctoral graduate students or joint training for graduate students.。

Graduate students who go abroad to apply for school funding for schools,You need to submit a subsidy application before leaving the country,The application path is "Exchange Management-In-Entry and Entry Record-Going abroad to participate in international academic conferences to apply for school funding",Graduate School will conduct a difference according to the level of the meeting and the specific participation situation。

2. Do a good job of going abroad (border) before preparation

Holding a valid passport、Visa, etc.,Properly keep relevant documents and documents,Store a copy。Before travel,address outside the country (border)、Phone、Email、Emergency contact information and other necessary information Reserved a copy for domestic relatives and friends。Timely understanding the security situation outside the country (border),Understand the public security status where the city is located,Avoid going to an unsafe area。To ensure overseas communication security,According to the requirements of overseas study abroad and my own situation,Purchase the person in the country where the overseas exchange is located in advance、Disease、Insurance such as accidental damage。

3、Following the laws and regulations of the law and regulations,Improve the awareness of safety precautions and self -protection

Participate in the project period,Students must abide by laws and regulations of China and their country (region),and the rules and regulations of Shandong University and exchange schools/institutions。Transfer to other schools、Other regions or countries,Extend the period of exchange,Termination of communication in advance,You need to report to the school three weeks in advance。

During the period of abroad, you should respect the religion where the country is located、National、Customs habit。Try to bring less cash as possible,Properly keep good property,Beware of telecommunications fraud。Going out,Do not take a stranger vehicle,Not easily let strangers take a ride,No place to go in and out of the place where exchanges and normal cultural exchanges are not related to。with relatives and friends、Counselor、Moder and other keep in touch,Study task during the exchange period。

Please check to understand the relevant security reminder of national consular protection,Follow the "Consumer Consultation" WeChat public account,Remember the Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (12308 Certification Hotline)+86-10-12308,Improve safety awareness,Do a good job of self -protection,Properly deal with emergencies,Get help from the school, the embassies and consulates abroad, and other related institutions such as the emergency according to the incident,Practical guarantee to study abroad。

Four, Annex

1. Operation manual of the communication management module (student side)

2. Exchange Management Module Operation Manual (mentor, department secretary)

Graduate School and Party Committee Graduate Work Department

InternationalAffairs Department (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office)

December 30, 2023

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