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Graduate students abroad (border) for approval、Return to China for approval、Significant processing process
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I. Graduate students to go abroad (border) approval process

1. Process

Personal application,Instructor's consent、The training unit for review、International Affairs Department/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan OfficeApprovalMake a batch, Graduate College File

2.Application method

1)Online(Jinan, Qingdao go abroad and go to Hong Kong and Macau);

2) offline+online (one school, three places to Taiwan、Weihai Campus go abroad and go to Hong Kong and Macau): Foreign affairs approval procedures are offline,Graduate system filing online

(1) Online process

Graduate loginNewGraduate Information Management System(according to the system prompts, categories)PerformOnline application

(2) offline processSubmit paper materials

Graduate Consultation Training Unit Foreign Secretary,Complete the approval procedures for international affairs/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan affairs department。

3, Note

Anyone who needs to be reimbursed in school after returning to school,If you return to the country (no matter how long the extension), you need to go through new outbound procedures,by the International Affairs/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Department, apply for a new approval during extension.,Otherwise, it will affect the reimbursement procedures in the school。

2. Graduate students to go abroad (border) return to China to report to the country

Process:Personal application,International Affairs Department/Graduate School for record.

How to handle:Online handling.

Graduate Submit Materials to handle the procedures

Regardless of the length of time to go abroad (border), it must be logged inNewGraduateSystemFill in the situation of returning home,Completed according to the system promptOnline filing.

Note: The actual graduate studentoutsidetimeLongand the original planTimeThe difference is 1 monthabove!It must be directed to the training unit where it is locatedReport, the training unit reports the postgraduate training office

3. Graduate students to go abroad (border) to change process

Process:Personal application,Instructor's consent、Training unit approval、Review of the Graduate School/File.

How to handle:Online handling.

Acceptance unit:Where graduate students areTraining unit

Graduate students must submit materials and go through the corresponding procedures

1、Simultaneous dispatch is limited to once in principle。Inter -school exchange projects are generally not extended; joint training project periods are 24 months,Generally not to be postponed (the actual return time of returning to the country is less than 1 month from the original plan to return to the country,No need to go through the formalities。Note: Anyone who needs to be reimbursed in school after returning to school,If you return to return to China(No matter how long it is extended)DuNeed to go through new outbound procedures,The new approval was processed by the international affairs department on the extension period,Otherwise, it will affect the reimbursement procedures in the school。

2. Graduate students must be advancedReport to the training unit where you are located

3. SubmitApply for applicationCan write an application, or"Cultivation Work" column "External Exchange" in the website of the Graduate School of Shandong University- "Common Download" downloadApplication Form Fill in)、Foreign mentor Delay Invitation (must be attached to the funding within the time limit、Training Plan) or return to the country in advance foreign mentors' consent letter、Certificate of Financial Study Abroad Fund Committee (provided by the State Public Students alone) and other special circumstances proof documents to the training unit

4. The training unit is reviewed and approvedPost -Report Graduate Training Office.

5、All reforms of the National Public School have completed the application through the operation prompts of the Fund Committee system platform

Note: For all more or more abroad、Return to the country to enter and change materials,Graduate and training units do not need to submit separately to the Ministry of Finance。

Graduate School and Party Committee Graduate Work Department

Graduate Training Office


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