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The School of Electrical Engineering's arrangement of the second batch of doctoral "application-assessment" enrollment re-examination in 2024
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According to "Shandong University2024Enrollment of the Graduate Articles of Graduate Students for Doctor ",The college set up an expert review team to the second batchApplication-AssessmentMethod to apply for our hospital2024Candidates who are studying for a doctoral degree for doctoral degrees for review,Material review session is now over,Please candidates based on the results of the materials (attachment1) Participate in the re -examination assessment.

Re -examination work arrangements are as follows:

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1. NewspapertoTime: May 25, 2024 14: 00-17: 00 pm on May 25, 2024

2.NewspapertoLocation: Electricity Building, Qianfoshan Campus of Shandong University622Report(The first building of the left hand side of the Northeast Gate of the Northern Campus Campus,Shunyuan Restaurant,Map search)。

3.Carrying materials:

1) Effective second -generation resident ID card;

2) The previous students need to provide a master's degree and degree certificate,or national (country) academic degree certification (country/Provided by the Overseas Master's degree winner),The same academic students provide the highest degree certificate; fresh students need to provide a complete registration student ID;

3The signature version of "Shandong University Graduate Admissions Exam Candidates Integrity Examination" (attachment2)。

2. Re -examination process

1.Written test for professional courses

Written test time:2024Year5month26Day morning900-1100 (Written test for professional courses)

                    2024Year5month26Day morning1110-1210 (Test of the same academic strength)

Written test location: Qianfoshan Campus of Shandong University9Building204Classroom

2.Comprehensive interview

Interview time:2024Year5month26Day afternoon1400-1900

Interview location: Electricity Building, Qianfoshan Campus of Shandong University611Conference room

3, Re -examination assessment content

1.Written test for professional courses

The subjects of the professional courses are all five elections, and the test subjects are911Modern control theory or 912AC motor and its system analysis or 913Engineering electromagnetic field theory or 914Modern power electronic technology or 915High voltage project;

Equal academic personnel apply for a master's degree and in -service staff to study for a master's degree in a master's degree.Comprehensive testing of electrical engineeringandComputer base,Test results adopt a percentage record,Do not count the total score of admission,Below than60Persons do not accept it.

Professional courses written percentage system, full score100points.

2.Comprehensive interview

Comprehensive interviews are divided intoEnglish level assessmentandComprehensive quality assessment

1) English level assessment

English level assessmentUse interview method,Mainly examine the English listening of candidates、Speaking ability and professional English expression ability。    

2) Comprehensive quality assessment

Comprehensive quality assessmentUse interview method,Mainly examine the basic knowledge of candidates、Professional knowledgeScientific ResearchAbility, moral characterand other aspectsComprehensive ability.

English level assessment and comprehensive quality assessment are adopted by percentage,Full points100points.

4. Total score calculation and intended admission

1.Admission Total Score Calculation Method:

Application-AssessmentCandidate Calculation Calculation: Calculating results according to materials、English assessment results、Professional course assessment results、Comprehensive quality assessment results Comprehensive calculation total results。

Admission total score = material review score*30% +Professional course assessment results*10%+English level assessment results*10%+Comprehensive quality assessment results*50%

2. "Material review results"、"Professional Course Evaluation"、"English level assessment"、 "Comprehensive Quality Assessment" and "Equal Academic Experience" results,​​Any person who is less than 60 points will not participate in the admission total score ranking,Not admitted directly。

3. By ““ Special Plan for Disciplinary Cross ”and“ General Plan ”, score sorting(Where,"General Plan" is further divided into two categories: "academic" and "professional type"), according to each type of enrollment,Determined the admission list from high to low according to the total score.

Candidates who get the qualification for re -examination, before 24:00 on May 20, 2024,Added the real name to the re -test QQ group,The specific arrangement of the retest will be released in the QQ group。

2024Dr. Electrical Reteration Group

806810339QQGroup number)

School of Electrical Engineering

                               May 17, 2023

Annex 1: 2024 The second batch of "Application-Assessment" doctoral enrollment re-examination list

Annex 2: "The Candidates Integrity Examination for Graduate Admissions Examination for Graduates of Shandong University"

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