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Notice on the development of 2024 Shandong University Youth Teachers Teaching Competition
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Teaching units, teachers:

In order to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 20th spirit of the party,Promoting the excellent teacher morality,Guide young teachers to continuously improve education concepts,Improve teaching ability and level,Help young teachers grow up comprehensive,The school decides to carry out the 2024 Shandong University Young Teacher Teaching Competition。The relevant matters will be notified as follows。

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Get the qualification certificate of teachers in colleges and universities、Working in first -tier education and teaching、Dedicated teacher born in our school after August 31, 1984,Leaders who support the Communist Party of China,Implement the party's education policy,Love Education,Yan and Dan Ya Zheng,Academic Standards,Table of Teachers,Good teacher ethics。

The first prize winner of the previous school -level competition no longer participates in this competition。

2. Groups of competition

Competition is divided into liberal arts thinking、Science、Engineering、Four groups of medical sciences。Groups and discipline majors are shown in the table below.


Undergraduate (subject category, including generation number)

Liberal arts ideology

01Philosophy、02 Economics、03 Law、04 Education、05 Literature、06 History、12 Management、13 Art Studies





Medical Science


Description: The group category of the subjects attributable to the course as the only basis for the group class,Not based on the subject of the teaching or professional。

3. Competition requirements and materials upload

Participating courses should be opened normally for the participating teachers、courses with no less than 2 credits。School preliminary competition、The final upload material (see attachment 1) includes:

1.1st teaching outline 1,Format is a general format for PDF;

2.The catalog of 8 teaching segments in the competition 1,Format is a general format for PDF;

3.8 teaching design schemes (each teaching design is one -time time),Format is a general format for PDF;

4.8 courseware in the teaching section (the length of each section of the section is 20 minutes),Upload the two formats of PowerPoint presentation and PDF document respectively,The proportion is 16: 9,Resolution is 1600*900。

5. A photographer of the college teacher qualification certificate (PDF format,If you have not obtained a qualification certificate for the time being, you can get it before December 1, 2024,You can temporarily submit to the college's seal certificate for this situation)。

Precautions for on -site teaching competitions see Annex 2.

4. Competition related work arrangements

Specific items

Time Plan

Specific requirements


Recommended and registered review for college

9Before 12:00 on the 12th  

Recommended quota:The number of full -time teachers recommend 2-3 people to participate in the college for less than 100 people,100 people and above recommend 3-5 people to participate。

Recommended time: The college should be inBefore July 10Complete the hospital level selection,Determine the candidate to participate in the school preliminary competition。Organize contestants YuAugust 30th 8:00-September 9th at 24:00,Log in to Shandong University Teacher Teaching Development Information Management System (,Sign up and submit the participation materials through the "unified certification" method。

College review: College Yu9Before 12:00 on the 12thThe login system is reviewed.

Note:Players need to choose the campus of the system on the system based on their location。


School preliminary competition

9mid -to -late month (tentative)

The preliminary race is reviewed by network materials、On -site teaching competitions are composed of two parts。Specific time for competitions in each region、Delivery notification。After the preliminary competition,The organizing committee of each competition district determines the selected final list in accordance with the results of the preliminary round and publicize it in this area。  

Each region (see the introduction of each area below)

School finals

10Month in the early month

The final is reviewed by network materials、On -site teaching competition and teaching reflection: three parts:。Specific time、Delivery notification。The finals are unified by the undergraduate school teaching promotion and teacher development center,Unified publicity after the game。

Undergraduate Stadium Teaching Promotion and Teacher Development Center

Provincial race

Selection Tournament

10Before the end of the month

Participating objects: The first prize teacher of this final and the first prize teacher。The school will choose to participate in the list of provincial competitions according to the number of provincial competitions。

Specific time and request to notify separately.

Undergraduate Stadium Teaching Promotion and Teacher Development Center

Excellent Organization Award declaration

11The first and middle month of the month

Specific time and request to notify separately.

Undergraduate Stadium Teaching Promotion and Teacher Development Center

Commendation post

Before the end of the autumn semester

Posted by the winning players and outstanding organization units,and awarded an honorary certificate。

Undergraduate Stadium Teaching Promotion and Teacher Development Center

Remarks:Establishment of the organizing committee of each organization,Responsible for organizing the work of the game。To ensure the unity of the standards of each competition,Please strictly follow the "2024 Shandong University Youth Teacher Teaching Competition Form" (Annex 3)。

5. Commendation and reward

1.Setting one of the competition、2、Third Prize,Get one、Teachers of the Second Prize will be awarded the title of "Shandong University Youth Teaching Expert"。The winner of the second and third prizes of previous school -level competitions register for the competition,No longer awarded the same or low -class awards。

2.Competition has Outstanding Organization Award,The school will need preliminaries according to the college organization、Number of participants、Number of winners and winners of the contestants、Participate in the work of the branch area for comprehensive assessment。

6. Work requirements

The competition is hosted by the undergraduate school teaching promotion and teacher development center,Weihai Campus Teaching Promotion and Teacher Development Sub -Center、Qingdao Campus Undergraduate Education Office、Qilu Medical School Teachers Development Center jointly participated in the preliminary organization。Please all units according to the competition requirements,Do a good job of the competition organization,Make sure the game is fair and fair。

Please attach great importance to each college,Putting the teaching competition as an important starting point for improving the business ability and teaching level of young teachers,Strangive and seriously organizedThe young teacher of this college participated in the competition, passedDisplay observation of the hospital -level competition、Excellent player experience sharing、Player grinding class guidance and other activitiesIn -depth improvement of the educational and teaching concept and course teaching level of participating teachers,Support for participating teachers,Effectively guide young teachers to pay attention to classroom teaching、Improve teaching ability、Promoting professional development,Create a good teaching and cultural atmosphere of the college。Create a good teaching and cultural atmosphere of the college,Strict content of Customs Participation,In particular, it is necessary to check the ideology and political nature。

Please log in to the school Canvas platform"Young Teacher Teaching Competition" special training course(Log in: https://e-rearning.sdu.edu.cn/login/canvas,After clicking, pass the CAS unified identity certification and login) to obtain related learning resources。Course learning resources (for personal learning reference for teachers) will be replenished one after another,Please pay attention and actively participate in other special training activities for participating teachers。Participants must ensure the originality of the relevant materials of the competition,No plagiarism、Plagiarize the works of others。If an infringement or intellectual property dispute is involved,The contestants bear the corresponding responsibility。

  Seven, the person in charge of the competition and contact information


Contact unit

The person in charge


Contact number



School Headquarters

Undergraduate Stadium Teaching Promotion and Teacher Development Center

Li Jianang

(The total responsibility of the event)

Xiao Yibing

Zhu Zhengjun




Central Campus B245 Room

Weihai Campus

Weihai Campus Teaching Promotion and Teacher Development Sub -Center

Song Song




Room 203 of the Guanglou Building of Weihai Campus

Qingdao Campus

Qingdao Campus Undergraduate Education Office

Wang Building

Wang Junyi



Room 224, Huagang Yuanyuan, Qingdao Campus

Qilu Medical College

Qilu Medical College Teacher Development Center

Zhou Chengchao




Qilu Medical College Comprehensive Building 432 Room 432

Undergraduate Stadium Teaching Promotion and Teacher Development Center

                     20246month 14Day


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