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School of Electrical Engineering, 2023 undergraduate transfer professional interview work arrangement
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According to the "Notice on Doing a Good House for Undergraduate Students in the Spring Semeter of 2024" and "Shandong University in Shandong University undergraduate students to transfer professional learning management regulations (revised)",Combined with the actual situation of the professional,Fairness、Justice、Public Principles,Notification of the arrangement of the 2023 undergraduate interview assessment work is as follows。

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1、Interview group。Review results according to the qualification,A total of 41 students were shortlisted for interview assessment,The interview assessment is divided into two games,All participating students sign in before 18:20 to the interview waiting room。For details, please refer to the attachment for specific grouping and student list。

2. Time and place for interviews

Sign in at 18:20 on May 7; officially start at 19:00

Interview waiting room Xinglongshan Campus Group Bu Block C 3306D

Interview group of Xinglongshan Campus Group C Block C 3302D

Interview with the second group of Xinglongshan Campus Group C Block C 3310D

2. Interview and assessment team

1、The two -sided test group is all by 1 team leader、2 professional experts、2 counselors to form an assessment expert group,Candidates who apply for transfer to the major for interview assessment。

3. Interview assessment procedures and content

1、Candidates sign in from 18:20 to the interview waiting room,Check the undergraduate student transcript (special chapter with the grade of undergraduate college in Shandong University)、College entrance examination transcripts (non -tech students provide,Specific reflection of the subject of the selection subjects)、Student ID、ID card,and signed the "Integrity Examination for Undergraduate Students in Shandong University",Pay the mobile phone to the administrator office of the interview room。

2、The interview is a comprehensive literacy inspection (within 10 minutes),Mainly interview group free questions to comprehensively examine candidates' ideological morals、physical and mental health、Basic cognition and professional literacy of professionalism;

3. Evaluation group review。The members of the assessment team score based on the performance of the student,Take the average score of the assessment group as the final interview results。

4. Note

1、On the day of the interview,Please arrive at the waiting venue before the specified time,Sign in and check the valid certificate (student ID and ID card)。

2、The order of the interview assessment is based on the sequence of the interview assessment and the list of student lists。If there are curriculum conflicts or test conflicts,Please contact the staff in advance。

3、Students who completed the interview assessment should immediately receive the mobile phone and leave the interview assessment location,Do not stay around and discuss the interview and assessment related content,Do not ask the judges to ask the interview assessment results。

4、If there are false information and other circumstances that do not meet the school's transfer professional policy, it will not be admitted。

Contact: Teacher Li 

Contact number: 0531-86358883 18953703552

School of Electrical Engineering

April 28, 2024

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